While attending New York Comic Con, I attended the IDW and Jim Henson panels and was introduced to comic writer, podcaster, and artist, Kate Leth. She’s currently working on Bravest Warriors for Boom!, finished up Fraggle Rock, and is just starting on her journey with Edward Scissorhands for IDW. Clearly a very busy woman indeed! Kate was super awesome and took time out of her busy schedule to chat with me about her projects and her life as a geek gal in a comic book world.


Casey: I had the fantastic pleasure of meeting you at New York Comic Con, which was pretty insane this year, what’s your experience like on the convention scene? How did your NYCC go this year?

Kate: That convention is a crazy, terrifying, draining experience. I met some incredible people and had a great time, but I’m always so glad to get home to my bed! I had just come from this show in Ireland, DICE, bravest warriors kate lethwhich was much smaller but absolutely fantastic. I get so intimidated by giant shows. Met Brian K Vaughn, though. That was great.

Casey: That is a dream of mine, every time I was going to a panel of his, it was too packed to get into. So, last week I finally read that first issue of Edward Scissorhands and absolutely loved it! Can you tell me a bit of how you landed the project? Did you advocate yourself for it, or did IDW come to you.

Kate: IDW came to me and asked me to pitch for it. It’s not a terribly crazy story, it’s just neat that it happened and ended up with me. Once I had a shot, I worked pretty damn hard to get it.

Casey: It seems like it’s a project of a lifetime. What has it been like working on that? Did you get a chance to talk to Tim Burton on the project?

Kate: Ahah, oh no. I don’t even know if he’ll read it? That would be cool, but so intimidating. As for working on it, though, it’s been amazing. I’ve got such a good crew with Drew Rausch and our editor, Sarah Gaydos. We gel really well, and moreso as the project goes on. I love collaborating with them both.

Casey: You guys make a great team. Everything just fit together and made the story flow pretty seamlessly; whether you’re an old fan of the movie or a new reader. Along the same lines of working on a well-known property, I went to the Jim Henson fraggle rock kate lethpanel as well, and saw your work on Fraggle Rock. How has the pressure been on a project that’s so near and dear to children and adults alike?

Kate: It’s always a little nervewracking, but I felt fairly confident about that project as it came together, especially seeing Jake Myler’s unbelievably fun art. I knew the script would involve songs, poems and the spirit of friendship – and hey, I look pretty severe with all the tattoos and whatnot, but I am all about that stuff. I love writing poems. I was a massive Henson fan as a kid. It’s been a treat.

Casey: I remember singing along to Fraggle Rock as a kid, I think that’s great that you were able to incorporate that Henson charm into the comic. Amongst all the comics you are working on, what’s been your favorite experience so far?

Kate: Sophie’s Choice over here! I know it’s a boring answer, but they’re all awesome in different ways. I have a lot of fun with Bravest Warriors because Ian and I work so well together, and so closely. Scissorhands feels like building a fairytale, plus it’s based on a movie I grew up rewatching til the DVD skipped (yes, I’m a baby). Fraggle Rock was delightful for all the reasons above, and the Adventure Time books are a neat chance to tell a different kind of story.

Casey: It seems like you’re having a blast with these classic properties and giving your own spin on them. Switching gears a bit, I caught a couple episodes of your podcast, which I just fell in love with. Very great production value and I loved the little songs. What made you want to take your voice to that forum and did you do the music yourself?

Kate: I was approached by the recording studio, Village Sound, which is here in Halifax. They wanted to try a podcast and I was game, for sure! They’re responsible for those jingles. I love them to pieces.

Casey: Me too! It adds a lot more creativity than you hear from other podcasts, plus they’re super catchy! Given that when you talk on the podcast the listener gets to know YOU. How easy/hard is it have yourself come across in the characters you write less than live with kate or diefor in the comics?

Kate: I think sometimes I push my agenda maybe a WEE bit too much. I’m always trying to shoehorn in the things I want to see more of in comics: non-romantic friendships between men and women, queer characters, ladies empowering each other and kicking butt. Stuff like that. It’s my MO.

Casey: You’re the writer, you should be able to push what you want as long as it fits within the story and the core values of the characters. I think it’s great what Pendelton Ward has done with Bravest Warriors and Adventure Time, and I think giving your MO to the female characters in those comics works great. With so much going on, what do you do to unwind when you’re not podcasting and comic’ing, and tumblr-ing around?

Kate: Oof. Am I ever NOT working? Haha. Lately I’ve been trying to make myself take time to read, to catch up on the enormous piles of comics littering my bedroom. I watch a lot of Bob’s Burgers, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. It’s all sort of homework, though. I’m a workaholic. I’m going to LA for a couple of weeks next month and will attempt to actually unplug for a day or two. Drink tea and watch Buffy. Go to Disneyland. I can’t wait.

Casey: Disneyland is a blast, and I hear you with the Buffy; it’s my favorite show of all time and can’t get enough of the Scoobies. Finally, it’s your dream project and it’s just landed in your lap: What is it and what do you do with it?


Four options:
– It’s a Clone High comic, and Ian McGinty and I are making it.
– It’s a superhero comic from one of the Big Two that I get to fill with fun, butt-kicking and… uh, ladies empowering each other and kicking butt.
– It’s a magical girl cartoon, and I get some of my favourite ladies (Paulina Ganucheau, Carey Pietsch, Jess Fink, etc) to work on it.
– It’s a young adult supernatural fiction book, and Natalie Dormer plays the protagonist in the movie adaptation (which buys me a couple houses in Massachusetts and LA).


Casey: I can’t even believe you just said Clone High. I would LOVE to see the continuing adventures of  Principal Scudworth and Mr. B! If you do it, I’ll buy up all of your first editions!


Thanks so much to Kate Leth to chatting it up with us over here at DFAT! Make sure you check out her website at Kate or Die, download her Podcast, and follow her on the Twitters. Also, if you’re in the Halifax area, check out Kate’s favorite comic shop Strange Adventures!