The other day we shared the ‘Back in Time’ film by Jason Aron. He currently has a Kickstarter campaign for the project which aims to be the best Back to the Future documentary of all-time. Aron was kind enough to talk more about the project and his passion for time-travelling, so take a look below at what he had to say.

Casey: What was it like seeing Back to the Future the first time? Do you remember how old you were and the impact it had on you?

Jason: I don’t remember the first time I saw the film, but do remember as a third grader reciting BTTF line by line with a friend onto a my first Sony. It was one of those movies that was so cool to me as a kid, especially BTTF 2 with all the futuristic stuff. I have seen very few films in my life more than once and Ive seen BTTF probably close to 100 times.

Casey: I completely agree. I watch the movies at least once a year and they continue to surprise and delight. You back in time postermentioned that seeing a Delorean is what started you on that journey, what was it about that vehicle that made you want to do a documentary?

Jason: It wasn’t so much what I saw but they way other reacted to it. People stopping their cars in the middle of the street to take pictures of it and I instantly realized there was a cultural phenomenon. Couple that with my love of the films and Back in Time was born.

Casey: I’ve seen three Deloreans in my day and I’ve been enchanted every time. You obviously love the films and have a passion for them, which is your favorite Back to the Future film and why?

Jason: Growing up I loved part 2 because of all the futuristic stuff – who wouldn’t want a hover board and a sports almanac. As I got older though, I think I realized the beauty and perfection of the original and now for me its part 1.

Casey: The first film is timeless, but you can’t deny that the Almanac would be amazing! I know you’ve interviewed The Hendersons, how close are we to riding a hoverboard?

Jason: I rode the hoverboard myself. That should answer your question! Its real, it works. I dont think you will be grabbing one at your local toys r us in the near future, but give it 5 years and the tech will hopefully be much more mainstream.

Casey: I’m not quite sure I can fully process what you just said. With the NIKE AirMag’s coming out and Hoverboards; this is finally the future I’ve been waiting for. Let’s switch gears a bit from that though. With the success of the initial campaign through Kickstarter, was that your first choice to raise more money or did you go other places as well?

Jason: We never knew how big this documentary would get. I think through our first Kickstarter we thought it would be all the money we need. Once we realized we needed more, we knew private funding would be an easy option but we wanted to get the film back in front of the fans for another opportunity to help us grow. This was always a film for the fans and by the fans.

Casey: It’s great that you left it in the hands of people who TRULY want to see it get made. That’s a lot of faith in BTTF fans. Being that you had to go and track down all of these interviews for the film, how did it feel meeting some of your heroes for the first time? Out of all the great people you met, who gave you the most nostalgia for the film?

Jason: I think meeting Michael J Fox was the most surreal interview we did. Whats odd is that we interviewed him in New York where we are from. For many of the interviews we had to board a plane and head to California. The day we shot with Michael, I woke up in my own bed and drove my car to the interview, so it was a “normal” day. Next thing I know, Im sitting in a room with Marty McFly. It was very strange. I think he was also one of those interviews we really didnt know if we could get – until it happened!

Casey: I think that Michael J. Fox would be the greatest thing for me as well. I wouldn’t know if I should howl like Teen Wolf or keep talking about Jiggawatts! After the premiere of the film in October, what’s next? Another popular franchise, maybe a Back to the Future sequel? Where do you see you going?

Jason: Well as we’ve been told over and over BTTF 4 is never going to happen – so we certainly wont be the ones to go at it. I have a few other popular franchises in mind Id like to tackle but Ill keep them under wraps until we do it 🙂 – and I promise they’re going to be fun!!!

Casey: I can’t wait to see what you have coming up next!

Thanks again to Jason for being completely amazing and sharing his passion for Back to the Future with us. Back in Time‘s Kickstarter Campaign is currently going full-steam and you can donate to the project HERE. If you’re interesting in learning about the other Crowd$ourcey Campaigns we support, check out our page HERE.