When I read the first issue of Blood & Gourd from Dead Peasant LLC, I knew that I had found something completely unique and exciting in comic books. Here was a throwback to my favorite time in horror films, The 80’s. A homage to Pumpkinhead, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, The Thing and so much much more. I had a chance to speak with creator Jenz Lund about the comic when he was first launching the Kickstarter for that first issue; and a year later, I’ve finally had a chance to read issue #2.

Creating a comic book on your own is never an easy task, and I’ve been in touch with Lund throughout the process of getting Issue #2 to be launched with fellow creator D.H Shultis. From changing artists, to printer flubs, and everything in between; it’s been no small feat to see this second issue unleashed; but as a person who’s read it, I can say it’s been worth the wait.
bg4The first thing that I noticed when reading this comic was the artwork, there’s been a change from the original artist Dave Acosta to Juanan Ramirez. I’m not going to lie, I loved what Acosta did on the first issue. It was gritty and stylized and reminded me a lot of the pulp EC comics from back in the day. That being said, Ramirez picked up right where Acosta left off and didn’t skip a beat. In many ways, he’s even more creepy and realistic. That realism only serves to put you back into the mis-adventures of the people of Henderson Farms. The interior inking was once again done by Fran Gamboa and lettering by JC Ruiz; all those components together serve to make this a beautiful and horrific comic.

When we last saw everyone, their town was being attacked by a bunch of pumpkins that had come to life in strange and terrifying ways. Heads were being consumed, appendages being torn off, and a mad scientist being a puppet master to the whole thing. Issue two starts right up where the last one leaves off, but it also adds to the mythology behind the gore-riffic gourds. In this issue, it goes back to the origins of these problematic pumpkins and you learn more about their curse. This backstory is one of the best things about the issue and really gets you more invested in the world. Learning more about where the gourds come from and the cult that worships them had me wanting to know so much more and yearning for the next installment.

Issue #3 has been written but there is not a release date set up. In the meantime, I highly suggest you pre-order the print version of Issue 2 for $4.99 USD which is available September 2016 (issue one is available now) at  bloodandgourd.bigcartel.com

Digital versions (same dates apply as print) can be purchased at bloodandgourd.com

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