Dark Horse Comics has always set itself apart from it’s competitors by being the odd man out, in a great way. It’s in their name, Dark Horse. You don’t always expect what they come out with, but it’s always fantastic. They have a long history delving into the horror realm with their Alien and Predator Books, Hellboy, and the upcoming Midnight Society: The Black Lake

The book is written and drawn by Drew Edward Johnson (Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Wonder Woman), with a cover by Lizzy John. The first thing that draws you in is the artwork! I love creator-owned properties, because you know that it’s THEIR vision coming on to the page; and it’s no different in this book. The visuals are absolutely stunning from panel-to-panel as we follow special agent Matilda Finn on a rescue mission that takes her to Scotland’s Loch Ness.

Finn works for MI: Omega, which is a mix between Men in Black and the B.P.R.D. They investigate the more fantastical things that happen in our world, and Johnson relishes in bringing these creatures to life. You can tell that he’s a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction, as the comic does a great job of detailing some of the different beasts in this story including Pixies, giant tentacled monsters, and even a winged horse!

Finn must rescue a famed cryptozoologist and this puts her in contact with people from different parts of the globe. The dialog is witty and realistic, as many of the characters are British, and you can hear it come out in the writing. Every character had a unique voice and you felt a part of the adventure they were all venturing on. I also really enjoyed Johnson’s care to make sure the action descriptives come off believable and unique. It was a blast to see some of the characters interact with some of the creatures in the book.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone whose a fan of the Pulp Era of comics, and is a fan of horror, fantasy, and adventure. The visuals are stunning from start to finish and I loved where the story is going. This is part one of four and you can tell that Johnson could be telling the stories of these characters for some time!

Make sure you get your hands on this fantastic comic by pre-ordering it at Dark Horse Comics website HERE. You can also follow the Midnight Society by visiting their Facebook page, where he updates his fans on what he’s working on!

Midnight Society The Black Lake Poster 1