matt fractionWalk down the right back alley at New York Comic Con and you can find anything. I personally happened upon Matt Fraction, the writer on two of the biggest comics going right now Sex Criminals and Hawkeye, signing at the Image Comics booth. I’ve been a Fraction fan for years with his work on The Immortal Iron Fist and Uncanny X-Men.

Meeting him, I was a little starstruck and amongst getting my comics signed, I happened to ask him about Fight Club 2. It was long rumored that he would be writing the book alongside Chuck Palahniuk, until it was most recently announced that Cameron Stewart was on the project.

Fraction said that he didn’t leave the project, as he was never really on it. He served as a consultant to Palahniuk about comic book writing in general. Given that Chuck is used to writing books, he was always trying to take that approach to comics.

He said that “Chuck would count up the frames of a comic and ask if he needed to do 900 panels worth of writing. I was just teaching him how it different. It was 101 type stuff. “

Fraction simply broke it down on how to write like a comic book writer, and not so much a novelist. He never left the project, he’s on good terms with Palahniuk, and he’s very happy that the book is coming out.

fight club 2 teaser