Edit: I’m happy a woman of diverse background is directing a female-led movie. That is still very awesome.

I’ll be honest with you, I only put Margot Robbie in the title of this article because otherwise no one would read it. Who is Cathy Yan and why is she directing Birds of Prey? Why is Harley Quinn in that movie anyway? The latter doesn’t really matter but Yan is now directing the previously announced film for Warner Bros. and myself, like everyone else out there, is scratching their heads just to who is this female director.

IMDB offers little help on the matter and the announcement kinda snuck in under the radar in typical DC/WB fashion. I’m just gonna keep my official judgment until we see actual footage from any of these announced movies. I mean, sure let’s do Birds of Prey starring characters no body really knows or cares about instead of say: The Flash, Man of Steel 2, or THE G**DDAMN BATMAN!!

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