Well, Star Wars: Rogue One is officially in cinemas. If you haven’t seen that early Christmas present yet, let me tell you that it’s well worth delving into. For me, it was as much a treat as any of the mainline movies. Which means I full-flow back into the Star Wars madness. If you’re feeling the same way, then why not set yourself up for the movie by indulging in a (nearly) full week of Jedi, X-Wings and avoiding Gungans?

Delve into the expanded universe

A lot of the expanded universe has been thrown into question thanks to the Force Awakens, but that doesn’t mean that it still isn’t the home of some of the best stories in the Star Wars franchise. From seeing Luke Skywalker going dark to the adventures of the amazing Mara Jade (Luke’s Jedi Master lover), there’s plenty of content for the hungry fan to consume. It’s a little sad we might not be seeing Mara amongst some of the other awesome expanded universe characters, but that doesn’t change the fact they’re awesome.

Have an old-fashioned movie marathon

If you’re obsessed with the canon, then you’re likely going to want to stick to the films. There might be quite a few who would rather ignore Episodes I through III, but when put together with the original trilogy and including The Force Awakens, you have a masterpiece of a marathon that only gets better and has deeper payoff as it goes on.

Get into a role

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a cocksure Jedi Knight or a Boba Fett-esque bounty hunter (albeit one that doesn’t die before he gets to do anything cool). With a bit of imagination and a few willing friends, now is the perfect time to give the Star Wars Roleplaying Game a try. For veterans of D&D, a lot of it will be familiar, but newbies can be surprised that it’s just as easy for them to get all-too-engrossed in it.

Strategize your way to victory

There are those who imagine playing a character, then those who love to imagine the ‘Wars’ part of Star Wars. To that end, a different kind of tabletop game might be in order. Imperial Assault is a board game that pits the heroes against one player playing the villain. It’s about strategy and cooperation on one side, or control and domination for the one playing the villain. Isn’t that just the kind of struggle Star Wars is all about?

Crush your enemies

It’s as good a time to be a fan of video games as it is Star Wars. Put them both together and you’ve got a recipe for intense action. The Old Republic might have had tepid reviews to begin with but the work done on it since release, and the latest trailer, has done a lot to excite and bring back players. If you prefer a classic, there’s always the epic series, Knights of the Old Republic.

With new games, new movies and a new expanding universe, it’s an exciting time to be a Star Wars time. I bet you’ve missed it as much as I have.