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Recently, I came across the work of artist, Glen Brogan. If there was ANY artist that epitomizes the words “pop culture” it would have to be Brogan. His work range from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to Back to the Future, to Pee-Wee Herman and much, much more. I had the amazing chance to interview Brogan, and you can check that out below!


glen-brogan-bioChaz: I first saw your work that you had done with a Scott Pilgrim picture and loved it. As I went through more of your work, I found you have a range from comics, to movies, to almost all things pop culture.
What was the influence that got your started in your own artistic journey?

GB: I’ve been drawing as long as I’ve been able to hold a pencil. There’s never been any question that it’s something I love to do and will always pursue, whether that means just for myself or as a job. I just never grew out of that phase as a kid where you love cartoons, comics, silly movies, and things like that. Maybe because I’ve always appreciated all the work and creativity that goes into them.

I was in college when I first started to notice that there were some incredible artists out there getting recognition for doing pieces based on the same pop culture subjects I love, and at the time I was being taught that you couldn’t do work like that and be considered a “real artist.” I thought it was amazing that things like my favorite old video games were being appreciated for their inherent artistic value, as were the artists who were doing their own interpretations of them. So between lots of hard of work and other talented folks taking a chance on me, I’ve been lucky enough to get my art in a lot of great galleries and been able to work on some amazing projects.


Chaz: Video Games seem to be a big influence on you, what’s some of your favorites?

GB: I’m a huge fan of just about anything Nintendo, and of retro video games in general. I love the creativity and design of those old games, as well as all the materials associated with them like the instruction manuals and merchandising. I seem to be drawn more towards games where unique characters and settings are created around the gameplay, like Super Mario Bros, as opposed to games that are more realistic like all the military-type shooters that are popular now. I’d rather go on a crazy adventure or solve a new type of puzzle than play a game where all the colors are dull and you have to remember to eat and breathe and maintain your health. I mean that’s all stuff I have to do in real life anyway!

Chaz: You’ve managed to even make it to the world of film, what’s been your experience with bringing your visions to the small screen?

GB: I’ve only done a couple of projects involving animation, and aside from that I just do graphics here and there for Brainwrap Productions, a group of my friends who make short films. Animation is a lot of fun and something I would like to do more of, but of course it’s super time consuming. Plus I’m one these guys that tends to fine tune and adjust every little detail of what I’m working on, so I’m sure I would set out to make a full cartoon and end up with about two completed frames at the end of a week. But there is something very satisfying about seeing your drawings come to life and being able to present them to an audience in a theatrical setting.


Paranorman by Glen Brogan
Chaz: When you do commission work, is there anything you just wouldn’t want to do? Is there anything that you would die if you got the chance to do?

GB: I don’t think I would want to do any commissioned drawings that had subject matter I found questionable, but that almost never comes up. Aside from that, as long as I can work it into my schedule I try to take on whatever commissions I’m able to. As far as stuff I’d love to do, I think one of my dream commission gigs would be to do something official with Nintendo. I have been lucky enough to work in an official capacity with some of my favorite properties over the last couple of years, like Adventure Time, Breaking Bad, and The Avengers, so I think it would be great if I could just keep stuff like that going and possibly have it evolve into even bigger things. One of my favorite projects I’ve done along those lines was a poster for the Paranorman marketing campaign. It was equal parts amazing and intimidating to be on a conference call with the folks who made the film!


Chaz: One of my favorite pieces of art is the one with Jeff Goldblum. Did you get a chance to meet him and show him your creation?
GB: No, I wish! I did that piece for my girlfriend who is a big Goldblum fan. If we ever got to meet him I would have to ask him to sign it for us, at which point I think my girlfriend would melt into a puddle.


Glen Brogan Jeff Goldblum
Chaz: Have you had a chance to go to an Artists Alley at one of the Comic Cons? I feel like you’d make a killing there.
GB:I’ve been to lots of conventions but I haven’t been able to actually participate in one just yet. I think I’d like to try and sell some art at a few smaller, local conventions before I tried one of the bigger ones, just because investing in prints and estimating demand for specific pieces is trickier than it seems. I want to make sure I go about it the best way I can. Hopefully you’re right and it will turn out to be a good venue for my work!


Chaz: Your career doesn’t look like it will ever have an end in sight, considering you’re constantly evolving as an artist to new mediums of pop culture. What’s next for you?
GB:Right now it’s just business as usual, doing a handful of art shows in different spots around the country and various paying gigs here and there. I am working on a new project at the moment though; something I’ve never done before that I’m hoping to finish in the coming months and possibly sell on my website. But I don’t want to announce it until I’m sure it’ll work out!


Well, I’m sure that whatever “secret project” that Glenn Brogan has cooked up, is going to be simply amazing! I can’t wait to see what comes next from him. I’m crossing my fingers it’s a sweet poster of Batman fighting Superman. Or maybe even a cartoon show? Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out!
You can see more of Brogan’s artwork at his website, Albino Raven, buy his stuff over at SplitReason or visit him at his FaceBook page and Like the page!


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