The thing that makes a good coffee table book is the size. It can’t be too big, or too small, and it’s best to have a lot of pictures. You can’t put an encyclopedia on the table and expect a guest to thumb through it. You want to enjoy your favorite beverage and spend the time idly looking through some wonderful artwork. Why not add some dinosaurs into the mix?


Enter The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi. Not only is it perfect for a casual reader, it’s even more amazing if you’re the least bit interested in paleontology and dinosaurs. Csotonyi is a scientist as well as a world renowned artist who helps the reader delve into the world of the Paleozoic, up through the Cenozoic eras. All the while completely captivating each chapter with stunning artwork on the creatures of yesteryear.

Csotonyi_Futalognkosaurus_600The book is filled with 3D representations of dinosaurs, along with real-life environments. Whether is was the desolate plains of Madagascar, or the lush forests of Laramidia; this book takes us on a journey through history and beauty throughout it’s pages.

It’s no wonder that Csotonyi has been featured in National Geographic, as his imagery fits in perfectly with the themes of the magazine. Each piece of artwork is as if you’re seeing a candid picture from a photographer that got lucky enough to get off one of those rare shots you can only dream about.

I found myself enthralled with the different species that were represented. Everyone knows the T-Rex, Triceratops, and Sinocalliopteryx_Csotonyi_01_07wmBrontosaurus; but what of the Utahraptor? Or the Sinocalliopteryx, which appears to be a distant relative to the toucan? I have known that dinosaurs are very closely related to the birds of today, but Costonyi put these animals into familiar environments that solidified the connection that much more.

The end of the book includes a very brief glossary of terms which I wish were expanded. It doesn’t even close to cover all the things in the book, though it does a good job of singling out some of the dinosaurs and explaining where they come from and their closest relatives. Overall, the job does a great job of going through the different time periods and where each dinosaur fit into them.

You can be a lover of dinosaurs, great art, or history and you’ll find something in this book for you. Make sure you pick up your very own copy of The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi at the Titan Books website!

Rating 4 outta 5 Stars



Written by: Julius Csotonyi and Steve White

Foreward by: Robert T. Bakker

Publisher: Titan Books