2012 has been a pretty wild year! I saw a lot of movies, played with a lot of toys, listened to a lot of music, and had a super geeky good time. Below, I’m going to have my write up on some of my favorite things to come out of 2012. There’s some things I didn’t get to experience, like seeing Django Unchained, so that obviously won’t make the list; but from what I’VE seen and experienced, I’ll share with you what I found great!



The Avengers. If you’ve seen the movie, you have a SHRED of superhero love coursing through your veins, then you know why this is my top movie. The dialog, the action, the fact that so many heroes were on the screen kicking ass at once; all the time with Joss Whedon behind the camera, well it’s no doubt that this movie would be the best of the year. I haven’t had that much FUN at the theatre in a long time!

Honorable Mentions

The Hobbit– I went back to the Shire and didn’t skip a beat. The cinematography and score were epic, as well they should have been. If I had seen Smaug ALL THE WAY, the movie would have been #1, I do love me some dragons.

Skyfall– It was probably the best Bond movie since the Connery years. This is coming from a self-proclaimed 007 mega-fan that rocks a Bond wallet.


Cabin in the Woods– It was Whedon and Goddard doing their take on horror. It had a freaking Mer-Man in it!

Perks of Being a Wallflower– I read the book in less than a day and when I finished it, I immediately went and saw the movie. I was transported to the time of my youth, and felt for each of the characters. It helped that the writer also made the movie. It’s a coming-of-age story that actually made me FEEL. Amazing movie. Also, great soundtrack!

Also: Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus, and The Grey.


This was a particularly hard year for me music-wise. Avengers as my cinematic choice was easy, but there was a lot of good music in 2012. Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Muse, Lupe, Green Day; all had albums come out this year and they were all great; but this is based soley off how many times I’ve played these cd’s, it’s a tie between:

Metric-Synthetica: I realized this this year marks the 9th anniversary since I first heard ‘Dead Disco’ on the Canadian Edge radio station. From that single, I’ve formed a loving relationship of front-woman Emily Haines‘ voice and the 3 men accompanying her, that form the canadienne indie-rock band Metric. Synthetica is the bands 4th studio album, and it’s their best. They get better with age and seeing them live again this year, only solidified them as one of my favorite bands of all time. If you haven’t listened to this album, get it now! Check out the tracks: The Void, it’s my fave!


Dirty Heads- Cabin by the Sea: My dream is to retire on a beach house. This album is like listening to that dream come true. It starts off with ocean waves and each track is just another relaxing time hanging out with your best friends, drinking, telling stories, and enjoying what life is all about: Being Happy with the ones you love. I can’t think of a better message and The Dirty Heads do a great job of getting it across. I played this cd driving around this summer, riding my bike, and any time I needed to get back to  “the island.”

Honorable Mentions

Frank Ocean’sOrange: This is the #1 on a lot of lists this year and I can see why. It’s not an album, it’s an amazing story told through hip-hop.

Mumford & Sons- Babel: Wow. Just WOW. This album blows my mind every time I listen to it. It’s powerful. Everything about it just works. I can’t wait to see this band continue to progress through their lyrics and sound.

Also: Of Monsters and Men- My head is an Animal, Temper Trap- Temper Trap, Twin Shadow- Confess.

Video Games


Borderlands 2. Hands down. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a game since Uncharted 3 last year, and it’s the game that I’ve played (and will continue to play) the most. The story improves on the original, as do the music and graphics. The humor never gets old and the co-op is the best I’ve ever experienced. I can’t wait for the next 2 expansions and where the 2K and Gearbox companies will take the franchise!

Honorable Mention

Journey– I have never had an existential experience in my real life, so it was a bit of a shock getting one whilst playing a video game. The ending left my mouth agape and my head swimming with thoughts on life and what happens next. Seriously, this game is that good. It’s only for PS3 for right now, but if you have a chance to play it, take the advice that I received from Mozeus: Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, and play it all in one sitting. It’s well worth it.



Spartacus: Vengeance– when Andy Whitfield passed away it was very heartbreaking. He was an extremely talented actor, and in just 12 episodes made me love his Spartacus character. I knew that Liam McIntyre would have some very big sandals to step into, but he did a great job. This season was garishly over-the-top with it’s sex and violence; but I loved every minute of it. The rest of the cast mixed well with the new lead, and they did a great job of leading into the final season. I bought the entire series this holiday because this show is one of the best I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Honorable Mentions:

Breaking Bad– It’s almost here. Will Walter die? Will Jesse? Can someone just kill Skylar already? This was part one to the finale of the series, can’t wait to see how it ends!

Gossip Girl– We saw the ending my favorite guilty pleasure. We found out who Gossip Girl was, and it was an excellent Dickensian way to finish off the great series.

Arrow– Best new series to come out in years. Stephen Amell does a great job as billionaire Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow. The show is often-times too serious, but I don’t care, the action is great; as are all of the actors.

Also: Parks and Rec, Walking Dead, Grimm and the amazing Game of Thrones.

ron swanson meat

So, that’s my best-of for 2012 kiddos! Along with all the great things I’ve seen and experienced, I have to say what’s really been the greatest has been the invention of this website. I am honored to be amongst you Towelites and happy to share a great 2013 with all of you! So keep reading, and we’ll keep writing! Thanks to each and every one of your faithful readers!!!

Always remember: Travel Safe, Travel with a Towel!