It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20years since the introduction of Sony’s Playstation. I remember my friend Jimmy selling his entire comic book collection for $50 just so he would have the money to get one. I was super pissed and continue to hate him to this day because he sold about 350 comics, but I digress.

Jimmy and I and the other guys in the neighborhood played that system endlessly. Blown away by the insane graphics of Battle Area Toshinden and the system only got better as the years went on. I remember hacking the first one in college with a bootdisk and a tiny spring so we could burn our own copies of the games. Oh, those were the days.

Sony decided to celebrate their love of themselves to making a 20th Anniversary Edition of the Playstation 4. It hearkens back to the Playstations beginnings, putting the colors in gray and emulating the console of yesteryear. Check out pictures for this beautiful machine below.

The console is priced at US$499 and will be available for pre-order via starting December 6. In Europe, the 20th Anniversary PS4 will go for €499.

Thanks to Kotaku for the story.

playstation 4 gif