We’ve been a fan of the work by Cubus Games for some time now. They’re best known for their “Choose Your Own Adventure” style mobile games. A perfect blend of interactive storytelling, the games are always complex and a ton of fun. You can check out Chris’s reviews of Heavy Metal Thunder and Sinister Fairground by clicking on the links.

When they told us about their upcoming game The Frankenstein Wars, we knew we had to let you Towelites know all about it! In Revolutionary France, the radical Zeroiste Movement takes Dr. Frankenstein’s resurrection formula and raises and army of the dead to take on the British Empire.

The game is currently campaigning on Kickstarter to get funded and has some amazing rewards for your support. You can get your hands on the entire Cubus interactive catalog, have yourself added as a soldier in the undead army, and even Skype with the creative team behind this amazing game.

Make sure you visit the Kickstarter page and pledge your support! 3% of all their earnings will go to the Save the Children Foundation to keep war in games and not affecting children around the World.