If you haven’t had a chance to head on down to your local comic book store and pick up your own copy.  If you’re like me and were too busy playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, well check out  the link below and you can see a preview of the first issue thanks to IGN.

The series is set to explore the beginnings of the Borderlands story, with the first issue focusing on Roland and how he met up with the rest of the cast. Written by game scribe Mike Neumann with art by Agustin Padilla, IDW is setting out to explore the Borderlands Universe one character at a time.

I’ll make sure to buy them ALL. I especially can’t wait til we get to Mordecai’s story. Man, I love that guy. So, head on over to your local comic story to get the first issue to Borderlands Origins.

Head over to IGN to check out the preview of the first issue.