If there’s one thing we really love here at DFAT, it’s toys. One toy line in particular that I have been collecting for a long time is Star Wars. Most of my collecting took place Pre-Prequels, so most of my collection is from the Holy Trilogy. During the silver age of Star Wars we, as fans, we treated to an Expanded Universe of endless possibilities.

I played the video games, read the books, and collected the comics. When Kenner decided to create action figures based on characters from some of my favorite stories, I was more than thrilled. These toys weren’t the easiest to track down back in the day, but you can definitely find them on EBAY now. My favorite character was Grand Admiral Thrawn, I own that figure. As you can tell, I’m a big fan of the Kenner line and I think there’s a book for fans like you and I.

Kenner bookRight now you can perform some Crowd$orcery and check out this potential book on Kickstarter. Author Philip Reed (Each Sold Separately, Action Figures Not Included) has poured his love of this line into Universe Expanded: Kenner’s 1998 Star Wars Action Figures. The book will intricately delve into  the history of this amazing line, featuring original photography and more. For you Star Wars fans out there, this is a piece of collecting history filled with information about these great figures from that Galaxy far, far away. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend at a great deal! The campaign has 29 days to go, but in order to get funded it needs your help! So head on over to the official Kickstarter page (link here) and read all about it.