I’m a pretty big Hitchcock fan, my favorite film of his is North by Northwest. I think this is mostly due to my man-crush on Carey Grant. This year, we get graced with two big screen movies based on Hitchcock’s life, and the first stars Toby Jones as the thrill-master Hitchcock, in the movie by HBO Films called The Girl.  It revolves around Hitchcock’s obsession with star Tippi Hedren, played by Sienna Miller, whilst shooing The Birds. The women in my family are unnervingly frightened of the creatures, and so that movie still strikes a cord in me every time I watch it. This new teaser is very Hitchocockian and shows Jones playing the role perfectly. I can’t wait to see how this movie turns out!

The Girl will premiere on HBO October 20th.


Thanks to Collider for the scoop!