There’s been a few movies out there, that I wanted to see so bad. They kept showing previews for them, then the movies got pushed back and re-written and redirected and all sorts off jammed up. One such movie was, Fanboys, from director Kyle Newman. Being a HUGE Star Wars fan, I had followed the production of the film for a long time.

When it finally came out, it was met by mixed reviews. You either appreciated the film as a labor of love, or you hated it and wasn’t surprised why the film was pushed back from being released. I was of the latter group, but I had always wondered what plagued the production of the film.

Collider’s, Steve Weintraub sat down with producer of the film, Dana Brunetti, and they discussed the Weinstein’s re-edit of the film from a non-Star Wars fan and how much of the film got cut. It’s a pretty crazy story, check it out below.

Dana Brunetti went on to work on great things, like Captain Phillips and House of Cards; but it’s interesting to hear what happened on that little indie Star Wars fan film way back when.

Thanks to Collider for the video!