Pokémon GO! Fest 2020 is nearly upon us and for the first time the yearly event will be completely virtual! The latest commercial hyping up the event was directed by none other than Knives Out and Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Rian Johnson! Johnson is an avid Pokémon GO! played and the commercial was produced remotely with the team being in New Zealand and Johnson in LA. The event starts on July 25th and will last the weekend., tickets are on sale now for about 15 bucks and that will give you access to all the weekend’s events and all proceeds go towards Black Lives Matter. Check out the commercial below!

Are you ready to look closer? You might be surprised what you find! Whoever you are and wherever you are, the world of Pokémon GO is always there for you to jump into and explore. We’re excited to debut a special commercial in celebration of this year’s global Pokémon GO Fest and the joy of being alongside Pokémon in the real world.