Recently I was lucky enough to get the brand spankin’ new SPC ECO album, The Art of Pop, and I have to say, it is spectacular! This CD is full of electro-pop happiness, reminding me a bit of Metric‘s Synthetica.

The Art of Pop is different from their last CD, Sirens and Satellites. S&S was a bit more on the haunting and dark side, where The Art of Pop is more on the dancy happy side. But both are wonderfully delicious. This album makes you want to sing and dance along with every song. Rose Berlin’s voice is beautiful, haunting and infectious and the music makes you move, even without realizing you are.

SPC ECO brings together the father/daughter duo Dean Garcia and Rose Berlin once again, and they do not disappoint. The full release of this album is available March 2nd (Now) on double vinyl, CD and digital download, and I strongly suggest you get it in any form you can from their website, because you will want to listen to it over and over.

Rating: 10/10

Read more about the album via their Press Release:

SPC ECO The Art of Pop… Quite unlike any previous SPC ECO release in almost every way, apart from the fact that it’s made by the same two people. (daughter and father – Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia – one half of 90s indie duo Curve and bassist for the likes of Eurythmics, Mick Jagger and Brian Ferry). There are no guitars, there are no dense walls of sound SPC ECO Art Of Pop Coverand noise that we’ve come to expect from a SPC ECO song. Yet, those elements and trademark niches are not missed at all on this record. They have been replaced with artfully produced pulsed electronica, memorable catchy melodies and a vocal delivery to die for.

Rose Berlin’s voice has always been the icing on top of a very densely layered SPC ECO cake, her voice seems to go from strength to strength from one release to the next as she matures and explores her voice. The vocals on The Art Of Pop are delivered with great skill and ability, sounding effortlessly natural and completely at ease .

This album’s heart and soul is finely tuned by concentrating on the main and minimal ingredients of melody, structure, sonics and pulse that make up a great pop song. All four elements are all present and correct, right the way through from the opening song Burn It Down to the spaced out and shamanic tribal spook tones of Full Flow we are treated to song after song of minimal future pop noir that has the charm and depth to make us dance and cry at the same time. Rose Berlin lights these songs with a brightly lit black bulb and Dean’s maverick production skills are at full tilt throughout. SPC ECO are not scared to explore the music they love and this record is all about that.

The Art Of Pop will be released on double vinyl, CD and digital on 2nd March 2015 via Kaboom Music in the UK and Saint Marie Records in the US.

Side A: Burn It Down / Hear Me Now / One For The Little One / Right Mind / Fall Apart For Love
Side B: Ray Of Sun / Fuck You / Lights And Stars / Die Alone / Full Flow
Side C: Burn It Down (Vectronic Remix) / Push (Lady Barcelona Remix)
Side D: Fall Apart For Love (Vectronic Remix) / Push

Art Of Pop BandCamp
Art Of Pop SoundCloud (Sampler)
Ray Of Sun Video
Hear Me Now Video
Fuck You Video

All songs written by Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia

Rose Berlin – Voice and Words
Dean Garcia – Music – Bass Drums Electronica and Programming

Special thanks to 
WomBBaby HKG Pobs Chris Rigg Wyatt Parkins (the believers) Jarek Leskiewicz (for the Full Flow space banjo and all manor of awesomeness) Julian Baker (art design extraordinaire) Slade Templeton (awesome remixes) The Knox Bros at Cheekyfire (cameras and beauty) Looperman (loops n vibes) Meghan Young (art and stuff) Alan Moulder (ears and hue lights) JRH (cheer and support) and everyone who has supported us through the years and all those who’ve bought this record. Smiles. 

A CD and limited edition Vinyl of this record is available via SMR and Kaboom Music UK Manufactured and distributed by SMR (USA) and Kaboom Music (UK) 
All copyrights reserved and owned exclusively by spc-eco 
Copyrights registered at PPL UK 

Rip if you must but buy if you can