Motor City Comic Con was this past weekend and DFAT’s own, CheriMonster, had a chance to attend. While there she had a chance to catch up with writer/producer/director, Vlad Yudin. Yudin is currently promoting his new project, Head Smash, which is an upcoming comic that will be turned into a feature film. Check out below to read CheriMonster’s interview.
Where did you get the idea for Head Smash?
Vlad: Came up with it about two years ago, it was a process, it really was in the beginning a story of revenge that I was developing in my head, but it became more than just a story of revenge really. Smash is a story of a young orphan that grew up in the city of Ares which is a very deteriating city kind of like a pre-apocolyptic city and it’s ruled by different gang organizations and the biggest one is called Horde. Maurice is the leader of Horde and one day he adopts Smash from the orphanige and brings him up and becomes his mentor basically, and then one day he gets into the mission and gets betrayed basically by Maurice so that’s when the story starts, he’s trying to understand why he was betrayed and why his pregnant wife was taken away from him and he discovers a syrum, which is why his eyes glow blue. He gets that syrum and goes on a power, tyranical revenge against the whole Horde, Maurice and everybody else. So that’s pretty much the concept of the story.
What other comics inspired you?
Well, I love the Punisher, and for this graphic novel, Tim Bradford did our cover and he’s obviously done a lot of the Punisher work also. Definitely the Punisher, the gritty stuff like that.
We understand you’re doing a film adaptation of Head Smash. How close will you stick to your own source material?
Very close, but at the same time people will know the ending from the graphic novel, so I want to make sure that we put some twists at the end so it’s slightly different, maybe a couple new characters as well.
When do you expect it to come out?
Graphic novel is July 31st and the movie will come out next year
Head Smash signed comic
If you could chose one main stream comic to write for, what would it be?
I wouldn’t personally, I like what I do, but I would say the Punisher.
Growing up, did you aspire to be a writer or more into the production and directing end of the business?
Well, when I was younger definitely more of a writer but now I direct and I write. But I would say when I was younger, a writer.
What’s the best part of coming to Comic Con for you?
The people, we have a campaign where we’ll go to Comic Cons through the nation and we get very honest feedback and it gives us the energy to keep going going going, so definitely the feedback and the interaction with people.
So there you have it Towelites! I just want to thank Vlad Yudin for taking the time out of his day to talk with me, his assistant Deshawn and Lauren from Anderson Group who contacted us to get this interview set up!
Make sure to look for Head Smash at stores on July 31st and keep an eye out for the movie! If you like gritty stories with the likes of Punisher, this one’s for you!
~The CheriMonster
Tim Bradstreet - HS Cover