This past weekend was the 26th Annual Motor City Comic Con, and I got to gather up my family and go to what I have to say is probably my favorite big event of the year. It’s always exciting to see the celebrities, and the cos-players and to take our money and spend it on all the dumb nerdy stuff that we love so much.

This year MCCC seemed to focus mainly on The Walking Dead, which was cool, but I think that there were about 8 or 9 cast members cthomashowellthere, which to me almost made it a Walking Dead convention. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see or meet any of them. They were kind of hidden behind some curtains, and the line was around the back of them. In the past years all of the celebrities were out in the open, but I think maybe they were trying to avoid having people snap pictures of them without their consent. I’m not exactly sure, but it would have been cool to at least see them.

The two people I really wanted to meet ended up both canceling, that was Ryan Hurst and Katie Segal, both from Sons of Anarchy. So that was kind of a bummer, but I can’t control their schedules, so I guess I can’t be too upset. Maybe next year, right?

I did, however, get to meet C. Thomas Howell and Ralph Macchio! I actually met them by proxy because my little cousin wanted to meet them, so I went up with her for “support.” Yeah right, we all know I was just trying to sneak in and meet them. They were both extremely nice, and sweet to my 13 year old cousin who absolutely loves and adores them. I was even included in one of the pictures with Ralph Macchio! I have to say, as a girl growing up in the 80’s that was pretty much a dream come true. I almost said something about how I had his posters from Teen Beat on my wall, but I held my tongue, I didn’t want to look too much like a fan girl, but inside I was squealing.

Dean CainI do have to say that, aside from the cast of The Walking Dead, this years guests were a little lack luster. I was hoping for some more big name hitters, at least to the geek community. I know that Cincinnati was getting Eve Myles from Torchwood and season 2 of Broadchurch, and I was really hoping that we would get her here. I was also hoping for someone, anyone from Supernatural or Doctor Who. Speaking of Doctor Who, they did have Tony Curran there, he played Van Gogh in Vincent and the Doctor in season five, which is an absolute fan favorite, and it was cool to see him, but come on, couldn’t we have gotten Karen Gillan or Arthur Darvill? Okay, this is all just wishful thinking on my end. They really did have a very good turn out there.

And the cos-players were off the charts this year! They were absolutely fantastic. Every year I say I’m going to dress up, and I never end up doing it. Maybe next year I will.

The only complaint I have, and it’s really not much of one, was the parking situation. The traffic wasn’t too terrible, though it took about a half an hour or a little longer to get into the parking lot, but once we did finding a spot took even longer. They really should have had it just a little more organized, like when you go to the big concerts and they actually have attendants showing you where the spaces are. We ended up parking off of the property and walking 10 minutes to the building, which really sucked because we paid $5 to park, and obviously we didn’t need to.

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All in all, we had a blast, just like we do every year. I got to meet and see tons of celebrities that I love. I got to check out some amazing artwork, talk to the artists, see some great costumes and spend the day with my family. Thank you Motor City Comic Con! I can’t wait for next year.