I would have to say, when looking back on everything I’ve watched through the year, that Cabin in the Woods was the best movie I saw in 2012.  I love horror movies, but lately I’ve felt that they are all pretty generic and predictable.  Even though this takes place in a cabin, in the woods, with a group of 20-somethings going on a weekend getaway, this movie was anything BUT predictable.  Leave it to Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard to put a twist on a classic horror premise and still be able to leave the basic outline intact.

The Cabin in the Woods

Though I loved everything about this movie, I think that all the scenes at the command center were my favorite.  The dynamic between Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins was amazing.  From the dance party to the bets, even when they were just sitting and watching, there was just something great about them.

I also love how Joss Whedon will put actors from his past shows in his new stuff.  We have Fran Krantz, who played Topher in Dollhouse, Amy Acker, who played Fred from Angel and Tom Lenk, everyone’s lovable geek Andrew from Buffy!  It felt like a little reunion for the fans. 


This is an extremely balanced movie, the humor and horror work together seamlessly, the gore is fantastic, the characters are lovable (even the ones you’re supposed to hate) and the story is fresh.  This is a movie anyone would love, even if they are not a fan of horror movies in general.

cabin in the woods mermanHave a great New Years and keep checking back to DFAT for more great articles, Towelites!