2013 Motor City Comic Con

Hey there Towelites!  This past weekend I attended the 24th annual Motor City Comic Con!  While there were some mishaps, like the fact that the camera we had decided it did not want to take any photos, and the lines were ATROCIOUS, I can honestly say that I did quite enjoy myself.

Head Smash signed comic

As I’m sure you saw posted on DFAT earlier, I was able to sit down and interview Vlad Yudin about his upcoming Graphic Novel and movie Head Smash.  This was quite the opportunity!  It was a blast being able to do something like this.  Vlad and his crew were super nice and made me feel at ease and welcome when I can honestly admit that I was a bit nervous.

I was a little late showing up for the interview though, due to the fact that traffic was insane and we had to park 2 miles away and walk.  Which was honestly the best thing we could have done, since I have heard that people were just waiting on the main road to get into the parking lot for over 2 hours.  Once we got to the building we were able to avoid all of the other lines and get right in, since DFAT scored me a press pass!!! 

Walking around it was fun to see all the fans dressed up, all the AMAZING Star Wars costumes and the celebrities just sitting out in the open and hanging out.  I was able to meet and talk to some really cool people like the guy from Thirteenth Floor Art Gallery out of Canton, Ohio.  I wasn’t able to catch his name, but his art is fantastic!  It was buy 2 prints for $20 get 2 prints free.  I know what you’re thinking, who would want 4 prints from the same artist, but I have got to tell you, it was not an easy decision picking just 4!  In the end we decided on 2 Star Wars prints, a Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein print and Kitty Bat!  Visit the site at 13thfloorgallery.com and check their stuff out, if you aren’t at least tempted to buy something then I don’t know you anymore!

Next stop on my list of things to find for myself was a Doctor Who t-shirt.  But I didn’t want a generic Doctor Who shirt, I wanted something that was different.  After looking through countless booths I stumbled across the Evie Tees booth, and when I say stumble, I mean stumble!  Remember, 2 mile walk into the convention, walking around the place all day, standing in line for food for over 2 hours, my feet felt like lead and my legs felt like jelly at that point!  Wait a minute… Where was I?  Oh right, Evie Tees!  I got to chat with the owner about all the shirts they had to offer and she explained that she started out by just making fan girl shirts for herself and it started to boom!  She was amazingly sweet and helped me figure out the right shirt and size for me!  You can check her out at www.facebook.com/EvieTees or www.thecolorfulgeek.com .  Make sure you do, there are some choice t-shirts there!  As a fan girl you can be damn sure that I will be ordering more from her in the future.


The highlight of my day at Comic Con though was meeting Nicholas Brendan!!!  He was amazingly sweet and signed my Buffy Monster book for me right on his picture of Vamp Xander and gave me two big bear hugs!  I was on a high for the rest of the day after that!

There were a bunch of other celebrities I wanted to meet there, but time and money were a factor.  The line to meet Norman Reedus was insane!  My BFF stood in it for over 5 hours before she met him!  I don’t even want to know what the line was like for Stan Lee!

All in all it was a fun day spent with my fellow geeks.  A bit unorganized as far as the convention went, the lines were terrible, they were running out of food and the staff was not the MOST pleasant, but MCCC has put up an apology to everyone that was there on Saturday and has promised that these problems will not occur next year.  This was the biggest convention Detroit has had, they were not prepared for the turn out.  Needless to say, I will be returning next year! I can’t wait to see what they have for the 25th anniversary!!!

Check out the gallery below of great convention stuff!

~The CheriMonster