You’d like to think that you can’t really beat a game like Tetris. It set the bar for puzzlers and continues to get emulated throughout the years. Finally with Chime Sharp, we have a true contender to the master of it’s genre.

If you’ve been trying to scratch an itch for music based puzzle games, Chime Sharp is the video game for you. Its a puzzler that looks crisp and clean and works well with the Playstation 4 controller. Sometimes the translation from PC to Console doesn’t always work, but Chime Sharp is most certainly an exception. The music WILL get stuck in your heads, as it’s just as hypnotic as the gameplay.

Given that I never played the original, I can’t draw comparison on the new modes or increase of levels. All I know is that for the experience that I had, I was never not having a good time. As much as the levels would increase in difficulty; it just added to my enjoyment as I had to try and solve them. Add into the mix, the frenetic music; and it made for a fantastic overall package. I highly recommend Chime Sharp to music AND puzzler fans out there, as you will surely be satisfied by this great game.

  • Release Date: Now available on PS4
  • Genre: Music and Rhythm / Puzzle
  • Publisher: Chilled Mouse
  • Developer: Ground Shatter

*We were sent a review code of the game in exchange for our unbiased opinion.