It’s that time once again. Time for Dark Horse Comics to release another great slate of Aliens and Predator comics! Not only that, but it’s also the 30th Anniversary of one of the greatest films of all time, Aliens. This past month Dark Horse released the first issue in a new Predator miniseries entitled Predator: Life and Death. Alien Definace 01The title marks the beginning in a whole new storyline in the tradition of Fire and Stone, featuring all of our favorite monsters from Predators to Aliens to Engineers, oh my.

Hitting comic shops this April is the second title in the overall story and it features everyone’s favorite monsters, the Xenomorphs. Aliens: Defiance will be an ongoing series, which makes me happy because I always feel that the miniseries go too quick and I am always left wanting more. The book is written by Brian Wood (Star Wars, Rebels), who did an amazing run of Star Wars comics at the end of the franchise’s tenure at Dark Horse. Woods delivers a brilliant beginning to an original story that by the end of the issue has me begging for more. Tristan “T-Rex” Jones (Mad Max: Fury Road, TMNT) does more than an impressive job on art. From start to finish Jones captures the feel and scale of this universe perfectly ESPECIALLY when it comes to delivering the terror of the Aliens themselves. There’s even a great cameo that helps set where the story takes place in the overall timeline. The plan for this new expansion is relatively unknown at this point but both titles have delivered a strong start and I am eagerly awaiting the next issues.

Alien DefinaceAliens: Defiance #1 – FEB160010
Brian Wood (W), Tristan “T-Rex” Jones (A), Mark A. Nelson (Variant)
FOC April 4
On sale April 27