It had to start somewhere right? My obsession with collecting action figures can easily be tracked back to (and blamed on) the release of Star Wars action figures from the original trilogy. Never in the history of man has a phenomenom of this scale been recorded! Plastic Galaxy coverNo one can deny the impact that these little pieces of plastic would have have on the world and our wallets. So would you like to know more about why and how Star Wars took over the toy aisles and your toy chests? Then this film is for you!

Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys is a documentary by X-Ray Films (bio here) that explores what happened when Star Wars took merchandising to the next level and the effect that it would have through today! It was crowdfunded through Kickstarter and is available to purchase now. Since Disney now owns the holy franchise, you know that they will only continue their marketing onslaught when it comes to selling products based on new and old characters alike. I would guess that Star Wars memorabilia makes up for at least 75% of my toy collection and it is only growing (just wait until Episode VII hits!).  The documentary explores why the series had such an impact on the toy industry and why it has continued to this day. The filmmakers do a nice job of incorporating interviews with ex-Kenner employees that worked at the company during the high-times. If you have watched The Toy Hunter on the Travel Channel, then some of these faces should be familiar. Plastic Galaxy is full of fun facts and history from the early days of the line up to its current standing. It is really amazing to see how well these figures have flourished throughout the years, even with being handed over to another company in the 90’s!

With the buyout of Lucasfilm by Disney, everything that came before is merely the beginning for our favorite sci-fi franchise! I’m sure that X-Ray Films will be able to put out another documentary in 10 years! Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys is perfect for that toy collector on your holiday shopping list! It is currently ON SALE over at Amazon, so head on over to pick up your copy today!

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