I have to admit that it was the Kenner throwbacks that really got me into collecting NECA‘s super-successful Predators action figure line. When I was a kid the awesome action figures from Kenner filled up my toy chest and I remember recreating epic Alien vs Predator battles. Fast forward twenty some years and you can still find me geeking out about these characters and the highly detailed, super-articulated figures from NECA. Before Wave 14 was released, we were previously treated to some great throwbacks including: Nightstorm, Lava Planet, Hive Warrior, Viper, and even the Blade Fighter vehicle!NECA Predator Throwbacks

Let’s take a closer look at two of the figures from Predators Series 13, the Renegade Predator and the Cracked Tusk Predator. The packaging is the perfect nod to the classic Kenner card. NECA, as usual, makes the decision to open your figure a difficult one. Just to note, there is a third Predator in Series 13, Scavage, but I did not pick it up in this haul.

Cracked Tusk was the one figure in this wave I really wanted to get my hands on. I still have the classic figure from the Kenner line, below you can see the comparison pictures of the two. My Kenner collection actually consists of WAY more Aliens figures than Predators, but the three I have are great. When the day comes to open up my Nightstorm then I’ll do some comparison shots. Until then… NECA’s Cracked Tusk Predator is one scary alien hunter! The mask on him is one of my favorites from the series. It is a great recreation of the classic and I absolutely dig the eyes. The shoulder canon is downsized for the new figure, which is fine. Can you imagine though if they would have made it a little bigger?! Another interesting feature the original figure has and NECA replicated beautifully, are the arm blades. An untraditional design for the species, Cracked Tusk has some sort of power-enhanced, badass sword-like blade coming out of his and it’s awesome. Thank you for making it extendible as well!

The green coloration made it really difficult to NOT grab the Renegade Predator figure off the shelf. The weapon assortment is amazing. From the blade weapon to his blaster, it was nice to see the classic weapons replicated for this release. The original was a favorite amongst my collection when I was a kid, and once again now that I’m an adult. I had the brown version of him, from the AvP two-pack, maybe we’ll see that variant down the line from NECA. I would recommend this figure to anyone who is looking for that basic Predator look but with a cool skin color-deco. We’ve seen the mold for this Predator a few times during the history of the line, but NECA always finds a way to keep their figures fresh and on our shelves.

The design team at NECA did a great job with recreating the look of the classic figures, while also making necessary updates. There’s times though when I would definitely be willing to pay more for the figure if it came with a removable mask or an alternate head. A deluxe version similar to Bad Blood would be great! Especially when it comes to Cracked Tusk this time around. The clothing and armor are major highlights for me. The sculptors did a wonderful job making the look of the clothing realistic and faithful to the classic version. The paint on both of my figures is sharp and well applied. I am always impressed when I find these beauties under twenty bucks. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to take a look at the third figure from the wave, Scavage.

There are still plenty of throwback Predators for NECA to recreate, for us to throw our monies at. I can’t wait for the next announced wave/single packed of Kenner figures. Unlike the Alien figures which would be super expensive to make and mass-produce due to the molds, the Predator series has great longevity. From the looks of things on the social medias, there may be a Predator announcement coming very soon, so keep it tooned. I love these figures and if you’re a fan of the classic toys and what NECA is doing now, then so will you.

NECA’s Predators Series 13 have hit stores and online retailers. I picked up my review copies at a local TRU and my full set (my non-openers) shipped from Entertainment Earth last week. So these puppies are out there! Keep it tooned to DFAT for our next episode of the Pursuit of Plastic Podcast in which we will be discussing all things NECA Aliens and Predators.

Happy Hunting!