Christian Slater really hasn’t had a hit in a long time. Starring in the creature-feature, Stranded, probably isn’t going to help matters any. It’s directed by Roger Christian, whose last big movie was Battlefield Earth. Yep, the one with John Travolta as a cat-man. Stranded at least LOOKS like it might be halfway decent. Check out the synopsis and trailer below and judge for yourself!

Gerard (Christian Slater) leads three other astronauts on a mission,when a meteor suddenly collides with their space station putting the lives of the entire crew in danger. Those on board quickly learn that spores from the meteorite can replicate cell structure, reproduce, and mutate. Ava, the only female astronaut becomes infected, showing signs of pregnancy at a rapid rate. Within 36 hours she gives birth to a creature that mutates into the life form of another crew member. As the astronauts begin to experience this sinister presence, the virus spreads and Gerard urges for the killing of Ava. The alien being targets the crew one by one, leaving those remaining to destroy it before all are killed.

Stranded is due out sometime this year.


stranded art picture