One of my favorite bands of all time is the Electro/Funk Band, Chromeo. It’s a Montreal Duo that has so much sex dripping from their pores that George Clinton himself bows before the Funk Gods. The band is just two guys, David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel, who play a ton of instruments and ooze sex.

They announced their new album, White Women, and below is the trailer for it! You can definitely see it’s comparisons to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; and there isn’t anything wrong with that! The video is directed by Jérémie Rozan and features the song, “Over Your Shoulder.”

You can check out more of Chromeo‘s stuff here at SoundCloud. I hope they announce an official release date for the album, and the minute we do, we’ll keep you posted here at DFAT!


Chromeo White Women Album Cover