Today I will be reviewing the End Game arc for the ongoing Batman series, written by Scott Snyder with interior and cover art by Greg Capullo. In order to keep any readers who have not read the arc away from any spoilers, I will do a quick summary followed by a more in depth analysis.

The short bit goes as follows. This is one of my all time favorite Joker/ Batman stories. It really pits these two characters against each other in a way that they have never fought before. It manages to expand on the Joker’s character, while still keeping it somewhat of a mystery. A brilliant masterpiece by both of these artists. Snyder plays mind games that still have me questioning the truth, while Capullo’s artwork captures the vicious and chaos that weaves it’s way through this story. This art along with the superman batman endgamevibrant color work makes this whole story pop with a deeply disturbing clarity.

This series starts off with one of the coolest and most intense issues in all of Snyder’s run. In classic Batman fashion, he goes toe to toe with most of the other members of the Justice League who have been poisoned by a newly reborn Joker. In my opinion, some of my favorite Batman stories have him dancing fisticuffs with the Man of Steel himself, and this issue is no different. The battle between him and ole Supes is incredible, as it should be, and it throws us right into the chaos that is to come.

This story is slick and trimmed. It wastes no time bringing on the challenges, and as I previously said, the first issue immediately gets things started. All the way to the end I was hooked. Me and my buddies had a weekly ritual while this run was going on, every Wednesday of a new issue we giddily gossiped about the amazing new developments.

If you are new to Batman comics, this may not be the one for you, but if you are and have been a fan of the Joker/ Batman paradigm, this reads as a beautiful closing chapter. Definitely a must read for any fan of Batman.