For all of you that were on the fence about seeing Tusk, well, listen to our latest podcast that praises the amazing work of kevin smith haley joel osment genesis rodriguez tusk set photoKevin Smith’s latest film foray. For the rest of you that saw the movie, well thank you; because of that, we will finally be seeing Clerks III.

Here’s what Smith said on his Hollywood Babble-On podcast, talking about how Tusk reignited the third in the Clerks trilogy.

TUSK was the absolute bridge to CLERKS III. Because of TUSK I got my financing for CLERKS III. And honestly, that wouldn’t have happened without Tusk. A year and change ago I was desperately trying to get CLERKS III made for the 20th anniversary and that desperation, I must have reeked of it because I couldn’t f*cking find money and shit. But it was Tusk, people going ‘Holy f*ck, what else do you have?’ and I was like ‘Clerks III‘ and they’re like ‘done’. So, everybody that’s like, ‘he failed, he failed’, I’m like ‘thank you, I failed into CLERKS III.”

I thought Clerks 2 was one of Smith’s best films and am completely on board for a third movie. With Smith being able to use the money he gets exactly how he wants to, it can only be a good thing. What do you guys think? Ready for more Clerks!?