2013 Club Infinite Earths Subscription

The final 3 figures have been revealed for this year’s subscription! We will be getting  Aquaman baddie Ocean Master, my MOST demanded figure Ra’s Al Ghul, and Batzarro! Batzarro eh? A strange choice, especially since we have only see Bizarro in a Masters of the Universe 2-pack! So why such a weird, and disappointing choice. Who knows. At least we are seeing Ocean Master and Ra’s finally! Check out the slides below from this year’s Mattypalooza at SDCC!

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2014 Club Infinite Earths Subscription

Again, it’s all about the fans for 2014 and Club Infinite Earths is planning to release the most fan-demanded club exclusive figure ever…Doomsday! If the 2014 subscription goal is reached, subscribers will receive a first-ever 6” Doomsday figure in prison garb… but, here’s the thing… if we exceed our Level 1 goal and reach our level 2 subscriber goal, it gets even better (or worse, depending on which side you’re on). A higher number of subscribers means we’ll be able to make an even more insane “Unleashed” Doomsday figure, one that’s bigger (and badder) complete with his classic shredded uniform!

The first three club figures were also announced, starting with 90′s look Aquaman scheduled for January, Ice scheduled for February, and “Conner Kent” Superboy in his classic black shirt look scheduled for March.

Club Infinite Earths subscriptions are available right now, ending on Monday, 8/19 at 11:59pm PT, and we’ll be tracking the progress toward Level 2 and that bigger, badder Doomsday.

To subscribe and get details about figures, shipping, and more, click here for 2014 Club Infinite Earths.

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