You would think that with The Beatles as arguably the biggest band of all existence we’d have a lot more merchandise in the collecting realm; but we really don’t. I remember when McFarlane released toys for The Yellow Submarine and how awesome that was. Lego also did the same a few years back. Yet, other than those instances, there really hasn’t been much else. Luckily the good people over at Molecule8 are fixing that with their release of a one:sixth scale John Lennon figure. They’ve secured the rights from Yoko Ono Lennon to create an iconic figure seen below.

As passionate and visionary artists, Molecule8 is setting new standards in craftsmanship with its commitment to life-like imagery and the highest quality production. The company will incorporate the singer-songwriter’s likeness in a global, limited edition collectible figure represented in sixth scale (12 inches). The John Lennon Figure will be available April 2018.

“The John Lennon Molecule8 figures highlight a delicate balance of creativity, quality and artistry”, said Lisa Streff, EVP of Global Licensing at Epic Rights. “The team at Molecule8 are well known for creating figures of the highest quality that are eagerly sought by collectors and fans.”

“We are honoured to have been approved by Yoko Ono and Epic Rights to develop a line of distinct premium collectibles under the John Lennon brand”, said Vijay Chadha, CEO of Molecule8. “In addition to the sixth scale figure of Mr. Lennon, our team is developing a unique assortment of pieces that will speak to the genius, character, and passions that defined John Lennon, both as an artist and as a man.”