Kevin Smith and friends  are at it again with their geeky ways, taking reality TV to a new level! I am not a fan of reality TV shows mostly because I know most of the situations are fabricated just to get ratings. Whether that happens or not on AMC’s hot Geek show Comic Book Men, which claims to be unscripted, doesn’t matter to me at all. I enjoy the humor, situations, and the merch that people bring into Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. I am guilty of being only 30 min from the property and not having ventured there yet, shame on me. Anywho, look forward to the return of Walt, Mike, Byan, and even Ming this October, the season premiere will coincide with AMC’s ‘FearFest‘, hosted by Kevin Smith, and air on the 14th.

Stay tooned 😛


Via: AMC