Hellboy Mike Mignola

After 20 years of investigating and sometimes kicking the crap out of the paranormal, it is time to honor Mike Mignola’s classic red horned, devil spawned hero, Hellboy. Dark Horse Comics has declared March 22nd 2014 to be official Hellboy Day! Dark Horse has offered retailers special promotional materials to participate, one of which will be an exclusive comic  with two new stories by Mignola, “The Ghoul” and “Another Day at The Office”–as well as two new stories by Mignola, Fabio Moon, and R. Sikoryak! Maybe if we are lucky we may get the announcement of another movie, you know before Ron Perlman gets too old to play the part.


Marvel Comics Inhumanity

Marvel has released a trailer for their latest event, Inhumanity! The event is already underway as the first issue hit stands a couple weeks ago at the end of Infinity. Check the trailer out below!

[box_light]They have existed for centuries. Hidden from the world, they have evolved in seclusion. Now the strange race of genetically enhanced beings known has the Inhumans have been thrust to the forefront of the Marvel Universe. The cataclysmic events of INFINITY have left the Inhuman city of Attilan in ruins. It’s king – the mighty Black Bolt is missing, believed dead. Attilan’s destruction has unleashed the catalytic Terrigen Mists upon the planet Earth. Countless thousands across the globe have powered up as new Inhumans leaving Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the rest of the Marvel Universe to react to this strange new race of super-powerful beings![/box_light]


IDW Silver Age Batman dailies

Holy flashback Batman! With Batman’s 75th Anniversary coming up in 2014 and hot off the heels of the Superman Dailies, IDW and the Library of America Comics will be releasing a collection of the classic Batman newspaper strips.

[box_light]The first volume, reprinting all B&W dailies and color Sundays from 1966 and 1967, features an all-star list of Batman and Robin characters, including Catwoman, the Penguin, the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Batgirl! The 11 x 8.5” hardcover designed and edited by Dean Mullaney will feature a dust jacket cover by Pete Poplaski, and will be 256 pages, including an introduction by Joe Desris.[/box_light]


To round-up the rest of the news DC Comics will be ending two series that have been around since the beginning of the launch of the New 52.  Jeff Lemire will be ending his uber-successful Animal Man after issue #29, check out what he had to say via his official blog:

After finishing the script for #29, I felt I had completed the story I wanted to tell with the Baker family and thought it was a perfect ending for the series.  The best way for me to explore new things with the character would be to move him to a team setting and shakeup his status quo, DC agreed, and the Animal Man series will end with my final issue in March.

Also to end in March from DC will be Batman: The Dark Knight, here’s what series writer had to say on the subject:

“Batman: The Dark Knight will be ending with Issue 29. When I first signed on to do a single arc with David Finch, I never imagined I’d stay this long. Because of my work in novels and screenplays, I’m rarely sure what sorts of deadlines I’ll be juggling at any time, so I usually commit to a single six-issue story at a time and write way out ahead of schedule. DC has been great and gracious about accommodating this, and because of their flexibility, I wound up writing on the title for two (really damn fun) years.”

What do you think of these two cancellations Towelites?! What will take their places in the New 52? Are you going to miss either one of these long running titles? Sound off in the comments below!

Stay tooned 😛

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