It’s been a long time Towelites but comics are back. DC Comics has taken the initiative and begun a direct distribution of their books to comic shops. With Diamond shutting down this has left publishers at a stand still when it comes to getting their physical books out there. A lot of politics involved here and I’m not going to get into them but I would like to see more of the smaller publishers out there have the chance to find some kind of new supply chain in the future. Maybe we can move away from the Diamond structure of things. Anywho here’s ALL this week’s books and honestly it’s still very skimpy. Some reprints and trades for the most part but look forward to more comics soon. Hopefully. What strange times we live in…


Absolute Daytripper HC $99.99 (DC) Fabio Moon, Gabriel B

The Eisner Award-winning Vertigo mini-series is back in a new, Absolute edition! What are the most important days of your life? Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá answer that question in the critical and commercial hit series that took the industry by storm, winning praise from such comics veterans as Terry Moore, Craig Thompson and Jeff Smith. Follow aspiring writer Brás de Oliva Domingos as each chapter of DAYTRIPPER peers in at a completely different moment in his life. Moon and Bá tell a beautifully lyrical tale chronicling Domingos’ entire existence-from his loves to his deaths and all the possibilities in between. Collects the entire 10-issue miniseries! MATURE READERS

Batman #89 (Tony S. Daniel 3rd Printing Variant Cover) (DC) James Tynion Iv , Guillem March , Tony S. Daniel

Batman must stop Deathstroke from killing the mayor of Gotham City! But to do so he has to figure out who ordered the hit in the first place. If his four main suspects aren’t ‘fessing up to the crime, then is there someone even more sinister lurking in the shadows waiting to deliver the coup de grâce? Whoever it is, one victim will fall under their attack!

Batman Giant #4 (Walmart Edition) $4.99 (DC) Various

Includes new stories plus classic reprints!

Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III TP $24.99 (DC)

Our heroes have battled the Foot Clan in Gotham City and Bane in New York, but now Krang has gotten his hands on the most dangerous technologies in the DC Universe-and no universe is safe from his wrath! As Krang’s true power is revealed, it’s up to Batman and the Turtles to stop him, but their only hope lies with a strange, yet familiar, visitor from another world! Collects Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #1-6. Co-published with IDW.

Daphne Byrne #4 (Of 6) (Piotr Jablonski) (DC) Laura Marks , Kelley Jones , Piotr Jablonski

Daphne has found an ally in Mr. Brooke, a skeptic and expert on the manipulations of Spiritualism. But when a more immediate danger threatens her life, she’ll learn something very surprising about Brother-the powerful spirit she thought had her best interests at heart.

Dreaming #20 (DC) Simon Spurrier , Marguerite Sauvage , Yanick Paquette

The unbelievable finale of Simon Spurrier and Bilquis Evely’s Sandman Universe epic is here! The citizens of the Dreaming make their final play against the artificial intelligence that seeks to replace them with cold rationality and the fate of Dream is revealed!

Nightwing #70 (Mike Perkins 2nd Printing Variant Cover) (DC) Dan Jurgens , Ronan Cliquet , Travis Moore

How many Nightwings does it take for one Joker to strike to get to the real one? Four Nightwings. And that’s not even the punchline-how will Ric interact with the Joker when he’s not quite sure which one of his two memories is the real one and exactly how dangerous this clown standing before him is?

Superman The Golden Age Volume 5 TP $39.99 (DC)

In these tales from the early 1940s, Superman faces social injustice and battles some of his earliest foes, including mad scientist Lex Luthor! In these formative adventures, Superman stands against the Emperor, whose nonresistance ray enables him to take over the presidency; a renegade scientist who controls darkness; Mr. Sinister, who uses a secret ray to hijack entire buildings, and more. Plus, the Prankster makes his debut, and Lex Luthor survives the electric chair! Collects Action Comics #48-57, Superman #16-19, and World’s Finest Comics #6-8.