Happy new comic book day Towelites! Some great new books hitting comic shops today so get down there and pick up your favorite funny book! Here are my pulls and highlights!

Book of the Week

Event Leviathan #6 (of 6) (DC) Brian Michael Bendis , Alex Maleev

From the Eisner Award-winning team of superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis and groundbreaking artist Alex Maleev, the shocking conclusion to the biggest DC mystery of the year! Who is Leviathan? What do they want? How have they dismantled the most powerful secret agencies in the world? And what’s their next deadly move? The greatest detectives of the DC Universe descend on Leviathan, and all the answers are revealed! Don’t miss the shocking conclusion of this storyline!


Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice! #5 (Matt Kindt Variant Cover) (Dark Horse/DC) Jeff Lemire , Michael Walsh , Nate Piekos , Matt Kindt

The Ultimate superhero crossover of the year! Colonel Weird and the Green Lantern must convince the Black Hammer crew to go back to their own dimension to save the multiverse–which means giving up more than some may be willing to give.


The Batman’s Grave #2 (of 12) (Lee Variant) (DC) Warren Ellis , Bryan Hitch , Jee-Hyung Lee , Kevin Nowland\

A man was murdered, and the Batman is in his head-and he knows how it happened. All he has to do now is survive his own deduction. Don’t miss the second chapter of this new thriller from writer Warren Ellis and artist Bryan Hitch!


Far Sector #1 (of 12) (DC Black Label) N.K. Jemisin , Jamal Campbell

N.K. Jemisin, the acclaimed, award-winning author of The Broken Earth and Inheritance science fiction trilogies, makes her comic book debut with bestselling Naomi artist Jamal Campbell as they thrust you into a stunning sci-fi murder mystery on the other side of the universe! For the past six months, newly chosen Green Lantern Sojourner ‘Jo’ Mullein has been protecting the City Enduring, a massive metropolis of 20 billion people. The city has maintained peace for over 500 years by stripping its citizens of their ability to feel. As a result, violent crime is virtually unheard of, and murder is nonexistent. But that’s all about to change in this new maxiseries that gives a DC Young Animal spin to the legacy of the Green Lanterns!


Hawkman #18 (DC) Robert Venditti, Pat Oliffe, Tom Palmer

Corrupted with an infection concocted by the Batman Who Laughs, Carter Hall’s psyche is overpowered by the darkest of all his past lives: the Sky Tyrant, the villainous Hawkman of Earth-3! A merciless winged warrior with no remorse and no rival, Sky Tyrant is unleashed on our Earth. The only chance of stopping him lies with the fading consciousness of Carter Hall. The series that reinvented Hawkman’s mythology to encompass all of time and space takes its next adventurous leap into the Multiverse!


Superman #17 (DC) Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin Maguire, Sean Parsons, Adam Hughes

Superman’s new Fortress of Solitude sits in the most remote corner of the Bermuda Triangle. Constructed using Kryptonian technology far beyond anything our world knows, filled with intergalactic, pan-dimensional secrets from all over the Multiverse…how could it possibly be missing?


Fallen Angels #1 (Bagley Every Mutant Ever Variant) (Marvel) Bryan Edward Hill, Szymon Kudranski, Mark Bagley

THE DAWN DOES NOT BREAK FOR ALL! Psylocke finds herself in this new world of Mutantkind unsure of her place in it… but when a face from her past returns only to be killed, she seeks help from others who feel similar to get vengeance. Cable and X-23 join Kwannon for a personal mission that could jeopardize all Mutantkind!


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Dark Temple #4 (of 5) (Marvel) Matthew Rosenberg , Paolo Villanelli , Will Sliney

ONE AGAINST A WORLD Jedi Knight ENO CORDOVA must risk his life to uncover the secrets of the Dark Temple on Ontotho…while the fearsome Ontothon army approaches! Can Padawan CERE JUNDA alone stop them from taking the temple for themselves? And who are the deadly TEMPLE GUARDIANS and what are they protecting?


X-Men #2 (Lim 2099 Variant) (Marvel) Jonathan Hickman, Leinil Francis Yu, Ron Lim

When an island full of unspeakable horrors appears on the horizon, the X-Men have their work cut out for themselves keeping Krakoa safe!


Doctor Mirage #4 (of 5) (Valiant) Magdalene Visaggio , Nick Robles , Philip Tan

Danger lurks around every corner in this mind-bending ride by Eisner-nominated writer Magdalene Visaggio (Eternity Girl) and astounding artist Nick Robles (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers)! The must-read supernatural mystery of 2019! Will Doctor Mirage escape the clutches of the terrifying Embalmer?


Psi-Lords #6 (Valiant) Fred Van Lente , Renato Guedes , Rod Reis

‘If you love great sci-fi action, a good mystery and/or beautiful art, this book is basically all you need wrapped up in a tidy little package.’ – Comic Watch Your monthly dose of surreal sci-fi fun has landed! Witness a cosmic trial by combat!