Rochester NY’s comic book and cereal bar PopRoc has started the Comics Creators TV. It happens every Wednesday and features a different person working in the comic book realm. Episode 3, I was able to chat with Kathryn Calamia from ComicUno. The latest features Graham Nolan, is hosted by Mal Whitfield and it’s a great one!

Graham was raised by scientists and gifted with a facile and protean mind, and muscles like bundled piano wire with a thin lacquer coating of bronze, uses his skills to right wrongs, help the oppressed…and occasionally draw a little.

Okay, here’s the truth in a nutshell…he grew up between Long Beach, NY and Indian Harbour Beach, FL. Went 2 years to the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, couldn’t afford to graduate. Started working in advertising waiting for big break in comics. Break came at DC Comics when one of his teachers, Sal Amendola, who was the talent coordinator there, bought two of his school assignments to run in “New Talent Showcase.” Started picking up more assignments from DC, Marvel and Eclipse Comics eventually leading to a 6 year run illustrating Batman in “Detective Comics” and co-creating the villain, Bane. 1998 he wrote, illustrated and self-published, “Monster Island.”

in 2000 he took over the syndicated comic-strip, Rex Morgan, M.D. for a 14 year run and the Sunday Phantom feature for 6 years.

In 2014 Nolan was awarded the prestigious Inkpot Award for his contributions to the comic arts.

Currently he is back freelancing on comic book and creator-owned projects as well as his humor strip, Sunshine State.