Biowars is an independently published digital comic title that’s available exclusively online.  Best of all, it’s a free read.  No paid subscription necessary.  And just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s cheap. The artwork is first-rate, comparable to what the big presses are pumping out. For that reason alone this adventure series is worth checking out.

Biowars features a unique dual storyline that initially takes a little getting used to.  Storyline one takes place in the Biocosmos, the internal workings of the main character’s body.  Our hero, Alex Hawking, has been infected by a deadly virus and at a physiological level we get to know the colorful and outspoken characters that make up his immune system as they try to launch a counterattack against the new viral invader intent on decimating Alex’s body.  The second storyline follows Alex’s adventures in the external “real” world… as he tries to figure out who has purposely infected him and how he can stop this nemesis from hurting others.

Each issue jumps back and forth between the two worlds, as Alex – both internally and externally – comes to grips with the that his life has changed and if he doesn’t get a move on, he’s toast.  It’s an exciting premise, especially as we get to learn more about the characters who populate both the parallel worlds and how they interact.

Weak points?  Some people might not like getting a crash course in immunology along with their comic book reading… but quite honestly, the little science you get with Biowars never gets in the way of the story.  The storyline itself is another matter.  As noted before, the bouncing back between perspectives does take a little getting used, especially in issue one where a good portion of the issue is spent in the Biocosmos… leaving the reader wondering what’s going on and is entire series confined to the endocrine exploits.  And, at least initially, the plot is a little unbelievable, as slacker Alex Hawking suddenly has the drive and ambition to take on a mysterious cabal of outer world villains.

Also, I got to give the creators props on their Biowars web site and Facebook pages.  The content on each is updated regularly and offers a lot of behind the scenes production, polls and fan contributions. They’re obviously putting a lot of time and resources behind this title.  Though, just like Alex Hawking, we’re left wondering why… so far it’s free and there are no intrusive ads.

That said, if you give Biowars a chance – which you can, now that there are several issues out – you’ll find it’s an intriguing read that only seems to be getting better.

~Comic Guru