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Amanda McGinnis is an amazing blog writer who takes the fashions of video games and turns them into wearable outfits for everyone! I got a chance to catch up with McGinnis and chat with her about the site. Check out the interview below!
amanda mcginnis1) What started you on this journey to become a blog writer?

I started a gaming blog 2 years ago called Assassionista – a blog that focused more on the opinion side of gaming, rather than fashion or news. It was a great learning experience, but I wasn’t entirely happy with the content. It felt more like a job than anything. So a year later, I was messing around with creating outfits and I kind of stumbled onto this monster. I had so much fun that I stayed up till 4 in the morning making all these different outfits. I texted my fiancé and was like, do you think this could become a blog? The next day, I started Console to Closet (under quite a few different names) and the rest is history!

2) You obviously like a large variety of video games, what are some of your all-time favorites?

I love RPG’s. My favorite game series is definitely Mass Effect. I just love the story and how they create these believable, fantastical characters and universe. Close runners up are Pokemon Silver, Resident Evil 4, Gears of War, and Catherine.



3) What video game do you think has the best fashion?

Personally, I’d have to say Mass Effect. I love creating Mass Effect inspired outfits – the game has this Blade Runner-esque futuristic look to it and I think it converts beautifully into modern fashion.


4) When you walk down the street, are there any people who recognize your fashion as being paralleled to a video game?

Most of the time, no – but the whole point of Console to Closet’s outfits are that only you and gamers that you tell will recognize the influences. I constantly post my outfits to Instagram and my friends who know of Console to Closet, and they will point out that it looks inspired by a character; often which I did’t even notice when I was putting it together!

tumblr_m4p3cjfeDS1ru4pwno1_12805) On average, how much does it cost to pull off a fashionable look from a Video game?

I try to create outfits where the accessories set the outfit apart and make it look inspired by a particular character. Most of the time, the actual clothing is just basic staples that most people have laying around. I’d say you could create a great outfit under $70 from stores like Forever 21, ModCloth, and Urban Outfitters.

 6) I’d say that the fashion industry is geared more towards women, though the video game industry seems to tend to be more masculine minded, how do you think you bridge that gap?

I’d have to disagree. The gamers and fashion-minded people I know are split straight down the middle. I think it’s easy to get caught up in generalizing both industries, but it’s important to address that there are men and women who are passionate about both games and fashion. I try to cater to those individuals, rather than men or women on a grand scale. I’ve definitely found my niche and am still in shock about how many people are just as interested in the intersection of geek and style as I am.


7) Any plans to commission yourself out to a fashion or video game magazine to turn your blog into a weekly/bi-weekly column?

In the long run, yes. I’ve been approached before about doing this, but I don’t think Console to Closet is ready to evolve into something like that yet.

 8) What’s one game that has the worst fashion that you don’t think you’d ever want to wear outside?

To be honest, I think I can make any game’s character’s outfit look fashionable. I love a challenge.  The hardest characters to turn into fashionable outfits are the ones who are all ready wearing pretty fashionable clothing. Since Console to Closet isn’t a direct copy of their outfit, I have to be extra creative to turn what’s already a fashionable outfit into something that’s even more fashionable.


Here’s a few more images from the Console to Closet website!

Thanks a lot to Amanda McGinnis for the great interview! Make sure you catch Amanda’s website, her FaceBook Page, and her Twitter for up-to-date fashion tips! Also, stop celebrate her One-Year Anniversary with her by participating in the contest she’s having below!

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