John Constantine’s buddy has himself mixed up with a powerful hunger demon and mistakenly unleashes him in Atlanta. It moves from host to host in a swarm of beetles, that takes possession of a person. They engorge themselves on foods, and possibly other people, until the demon must move on to someone else, sucking out their life in the process. We learn a bit more about John’s past in this episode, and how he tried to save a girl’s life after she became possessed, but ended up killing her in the process.

We also learn that John isn’t as nice as he seems. He does what’s right for the greater good, but he does it at a very high cost.

The Good:

  • The Zero Gravity Trap. Pretty cool bit of booby trap
  • They seem to let in a lot of British slangs, which is pretty cool and authentic to the show. John threw around “bullocks, tosser, taking a piss” and others throughout the show
  •  The practical effects from the possessed people, to the crab walking girl; all very ‘Exorcist-esque’ and very cool.
  • John said “tripping balls” and then continued to do so in one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen on television
  • Zed’s slightly starting to grow on me, slightly.

The Bad:

  • Gary as John’s friend. a) I don’t see John really having much in the way of friends b) this junkie was just a nuisance throughout the episode
  • The gag where John wipes off the board that says how many days the meat plant has been accident free. Cheesy.
  • I wonder if this show is too “out there” for the mainstream audience. John got his eye popped out by a Shaman and a kid got his tongue cut out
  • I hate this angel, he continues to be completely useless and filled with no helpful information at all
  • “I’m proud of your Gaz”. Proud that you tricked him into become a vessel to hold a demon?

Here’s a preview of next week’s episode ‘Danse Vaudou’