A demon is going around possessing kids and driving them to murder. This means that Constantine has to go against one of his long-standing rules, to exorcise a child.  He must find past children who were possessed and survived, and use them to find who the Demon is currently inside. His journey takes him to Henry, a small boy who is taken over by Caliban and wrecks havoc on his two parents.

The Good:

  • Constantine waking up next to a beautiful girl and having to sneak out of the house
  • Henry the kid who was possessed. I was genuinely creeped out by him and he handled acting like an adult very well. Or rather, someone who acts like an adult because they are possessed by a Demon
  • The Home Alone-type scene where Henry had a ton of lightbulbs on the ground and his dad steps on them whilst being barefoot.
  • The Sword of Night – compels the bearer to tell the truth and used by Nightmaster to not age by placing an aura around him.
  • I loved the idea of the ‘Ley Lines’ or the psychic railroad. It was a cool way to track down the Demon and also the Map was created by Ken Ondaate, better known to Hellblazer fans as Map.
  • You happen to check out the Trick ‘R Treater dressed up as Robin at the end of the episode?

The Bad:

  • Why does this Angel need John to stop this upcoming evil? What is the evil that is coming? I’d like to see a look at it, since we keep hearing about it.
  • They didn’t even say why Zed isn’t in the episode
  • I’m not sure why Chas can’t die. His origins in the comic show him to be a companion, but not an immortal one.
  • There’s a possibility that Constantine is getting cancelled. NBC has said it’ll only last until it’s 13th episode and we don’t know if it’ll be picked up for more episodes later on. You can sign the Petition to save the show by going HERE.

One last Easter Egg: An homage to artist Sean Phillips is used in the episode to a pretty blatant effect which I thought was a pretty great call to his artwork.


Here’s a preview of next week’s episode ‘Blessed Are the Damned’