This week, on an exciting episode of Constantine, Zed and John investigate a Preacher who has the ability to heal his congregation. Pastor Zachary almost dies; but grabs unto a the wings of the Angel that is taking him off to Heaven and takes it’s wings. This grants him his powers and unfortunately for everyone else, the people that the Pastor can heal with his newfound powers, also can kill.


The Good: 

  • Finally learning a bit more about the Angels. I like that the show gets biblical but not too ‘preachy’, pun intended. Learning that plucking a wing from an Angel can keep them on Earth is pretty fantastic.
  • The special effects are spot-on as usual. I really enjoyed the Ghoul. The dark Angel also was beautiful and not cheesy and I really loved it.
  • Manny finally stepped up to the plate and didn’t just sit by the sidelines not helping John when he needed it. He also took out the heart of a dark Angel, you don’t see that on television too often; or ever
  • The Medusa Mask Easter Egg:The Medusa Mask is a golden faceplate with the power to manipulate emotions in others. Worn by the DC Comics supervillain Psycho-Pirate, it was originally a set of a few masks before he merged them. Later, a connection would be revealed between the mask and the emotional spectrum linked to the rings of Green Lanterns and the other multicolored ring bearers of the DC Universe.

Constantine - Season 1

The Bad:

  • The Preacher being revealed as a bad guy was pretty bad. It’s found out that he’s killed a man and he was on his way to Hell when he saw the Angel.
  • The reveal of the fallen Angel was a bit of a shock. This should probably go in the Good category because it was pretty awesome, but her being so completely evil didn’t really help things.
  • The overall episode was pretty OK. It had moments of being epic and a lot of slowness. I can understand why the show is up for cancellation. I love Matt Ryan, the special effects, the music. I just don’t FULLY enjoy myself watching the show like I do with The Flash and Arrow and even Gotham. The formulaic ‘bad guy of the week’ isn’t horrible because it’s the same in comics, but I guess I just don’t know where they show is going, and that doesn’t do it any favors.

Here’s a preview of next weeks episode ‘The Saint of Last Resorts’