John and Chas are summoned to Mexico City to take on a baby stealing demon. One of his old Newcastle Crew members, Anne-Marie, asks John for his help, even though she hates him. Zed stays back and has her own troubles to deal with as her father is trying to get her to come back to him.

Constantine - Season 1

The Good:

  • It’s been announced that Constantine will return to NBC in January at an earlier time slot of 8pm. Hopefully this keeps ratings up and it is renewed for a second season
  • John’s complete and utter arrogance that he’ll make every thing all right. I know that Anne-Marie doesn’t like it, but he’s there to save the day no matter what the sacrifices are and who gets hurt in the process. As he says ‘no price is too high to save the innocent’
  • I like that we’re finally getting away from the “monster of the week” and getting to a larger ‘Rising Darkness’ storyline
  • I love that the baddie in this episode is a ‘low budget vampire’. I think that she’s a much better vampire than most

The Bad:

  • Anne-Marie brings up Aster and questions how John can continue doing what he does. She hates John and what happened with the New Castle Crew. It’d be interesting to see a flashback episode with all of them
  • Zed’s real name is Mary? Her father kept her away in a dark room? She’s someone’s salvation? So many unanswered questions
  • They are very lucky the editor does a halfway decent job, because that fight with Zed looked super fake
  • Can John meet anyone without killing them? It seems that everyone whose part of his “crew” is going to be murdered. Luckily Chas seems immune to the whole thing
  • Anne-Marie shoots John!? Stone Cold woman, stone cold.
  • Now that things are getting interesting, it’s too bad we have to wait almost a month for a new episode

Constantine - Season 1

Easter Eggs:

  • The Ivunche:  Showing up in Hellblazer comics from way back when. The design people even did a great job of homaging to the earlier days of Constantine.

  • la Brujería:  The South American warlocks who were behind The Ivunche in Swamp Thing. In order to create an Ivunche, they must steal a newborn baby and separate the arms, legs, and head and imbue the parts with mystical properties.
  • Pazuzu: The same name as the demon from The Exorcist. Said to be a “pit bull” of the underworld and good at defending a home against something worse.
  • The Resurrection Crusade: In the comics, Zed’s dad is an antagonist that’s part of the Original Sins arc. Her dad offers Zed’s body up to an angel, in order conceive a baby that will be the new Messiah.

Here’s a preview of The Saint of Last Resorts Part Two