Dragon Age Cosplay 02In response to fan’s dedication to Bioware’s Dragon Age franchise, the studio will release high-resolution, detailed pictures of characters in advance of the game’s release. The move is intended to aid fans who wish to cosplay as their favorite characters without actually having the game in hand.

The announcement came from Community Manager Jessica Merizan (also known also for her work on Heroes of Cosplay and her Nerdist Channel show Try This At Home with friend and business partner Holly Conrad) an avid cosplayer and co-owner of Crabcat Industries.

Also, very helpfully, the designers will be including pockets to stash all those health potions and talismans (read cell phones and snack bars) needed to survive your next convention.

First up will be ball gown Morrigan, a character that Merizan has already debuted at conventions.

This is a great win for the cosplay community, who will no longer need to wait until a game’s release to create the best version of a costume possible.



Dragon Age Cosplay 01