Americans ages 13 and older spend at least 6.3 hours a week playing video games, reports global information and measurement company Nielsen. But, you don’t need to be a teenager to enjoy a good game room. Instead of dumping the video game consoles in the basement and shutting the door, create an inspiring gaming room that doubles as an adult cave. Whether you are looking for a classic gaming experience or a retro nook, check-out these ideas to get started.

Go Retro

A gaming room may conjure up images of the latest XBox, PlayStation, Wii and a mountain of games, controllers and accessories, but every game room needs a few retro touches. Purchase a favorite old-fashioned arcade game like Pac-Man, air hockey table, skeeball machine or even a small bocce ball court to put a retro twist on your game room. You can even take your game room to the next level by setting up a home theater projector for the hard core gamer or to watch a movie with your friends and family. These retro twists make your room more appealing to a wider range of guests, from young kids all the way up to grandparents coming for a visit.

Make It Cozy

Every game room needs comfortable seating and a relaxing vibe. Pick up overstuffed couches, recliners and pillows to make the room comfortable from any position. Add a wet bar and a refrigerator stocked with snacks for an adult game room. Then, decorate using reclaimed wood, soft lighting and exposed brick to transform your game room from a simple rec room to your favorite spot in the house.

Mind the Details

Just like in the rest of the rooms in your house, the details make a big difference. For example, window treatments can make or break your new space, depending on the type of exposure your room receives. Keep things simple with roller shades to dilute the light and reduce glare, or go for blackout drapes to keep your focus on your gaming or movie no matter what time of day it is.

Don’t forget to incorporate personal details, such as your favorite artwork, posters, photos and mementos. Frame large posters of your favorite games and characters, or hang up picture frames of your friends family enjoying this space. Add sports memorabilia, a popcorn machine and bean bags to turn your room into a party spot.

Your new game room may also need a scoreboard to keep track of who is crushing who or to set up tournaments for theme parties.

Infuse a Classic Flavor

Your game room may not need a single video game or movie to complete your home. Instead, add classic chess boards, checkers, backgammon and pool for a decidedly upscale feel. Set up your game room next to an open patio and add a grill and patio furniture for an indoor-outdoor experience. Install built-in shelving and use soft leather sofas for a reading nook or movie viewing area without compromising the fun of your new room.