New York Comic Con is a great place for up-and-coming writers and artists to show off their talent and get their name out there, but one book in particular caught my eye, Crimson Huntress by Eric Hutchison and Inbeon Studios. Here is the official synopsis from Inbeon’s website:

Crimson Huntress is a medieval horror set in a world tormented by demonic creatures known as the Revenant. These beasts feed on blood to prolong their unnatural existence as their numbers grow with each infectious bite. To combat the growing hordes, Hunters of different factions join arms from the fortressed villages surrounding the Sanguine forest. Working together in highly specialized groups, these Hunters are able to kill and capture Revenant. The tactics of the Hunters must be ever changing, for the Revenant learn quickly, and have strategies of their own. The hunters work tirelessly to improve their technology and warfare with each passing day. However, despite their best efforts, they are loosing ground and the human race stands on the brink of extinction. In this dark hour, a new breed of Hunters has emerged, the Crimson. Tainted with the blood of the Revenant, the Crimson hold off the infection with the use of a rare herb know as Moon Blood. The herb must be taken for the rest of their lives or the infection will spread and they risk becoming Revenant themselves. The story is told through the eyes of Ember who, through her saga of tragedy, becomes a legendary warrior and battles to accept both who she is and what she has become.

Hutchison does a great job of telling the story and portraying action through his artwork. The first issue cut right to the chase of Ember’s constant battle against the Revenant, while also alluding that there is much more going on with the character than just her struggle against these near-invincible monsters. Hutchison is also kind enough to give us some great bios at the end of the issue, including one on the Crimson Huntress and her awesome arsenal. Ember ‘s weapon of choice is the Falcon Bow which also serves as a bladed staff that can be detached into two short swords; so it can be used at both close and far range, very cool! Serving attention to detail through the artwork is a major point for me in all comics that I read; and Hutchison is able to allude to Ember’s dark past skillfully in such a limited number of pages. Crimson Huntress is a great addition to the ever-so-popular Dark Fantasy genre and I can’t wait for more! As of right now only issue #1 has been released by Inbeon Studios and you can find it on their website here, along with some other great swag like posters and prints! You can even order a signed copy by Hutchison! I’m looking forward to issue #2. “Eyes of the Beholder“, as it delves us deeper into the world of the Crimson Huntress!

Stay tooned 😛