All for one and one for all! DFAT’s good friend and overall great guy, Ruben Romero (The Agency) is at it again with Think Alike Productions to bring us another exciting story! This time around he is tackling the classic tale The Three Musketeers with a reimagining of the classic title called Three Swords. Described as an original take on the novel with a Game of Thrones vibe, Three Swords is sure to please the swashbuckler in all of us.

The comic is currently being funded on Kickstarter and is VERY close to its goal. With just about two weeks to go the project only needs about $500 more dollars to be fully funded. Hopefully once funded they will announce some stretch goals, but until then it’s up to YOU to help make this dream a reality. Working with Rueben on the story is Bob Salley (Salvagers). Alessandro Miracolo supplies his talent on art, while the dynamic colors from panel to panel are done by Dennis Lehmann. All of it comes together beautifully to bring Three Swords to life. From what I’ve seen so far the book looks to be very dynamic and exciting, and I am really looking forward to Romero and Salley’s take on the characters and the world they live in.

As usual, we urge you to donate what you can to these original and innovative Kickstarter projects. In a world full of creativity and invention it’s more than important that we support these hardworking and talented artists whenever we can.

Three Swords 01