If you’re a fan of dinosaurs (come on, who isn’t) AND a fan of collectibles then we have a Kickstarter for you! Check out ‘Beasts of the Mesozoic: Ceratopsian Series’, the SECOND project from Creative Beast Studio now live on Kickstarter. The project is currently FULLY FUNDED and they are working hard to reach those stretch goals!

These dinosaur figures are beautifully sculpted by David Silva and team, Silva who has worked for McFarlane Toys and now for NECA, has turned his passion into his own business of crafting these majestic beasts! We all had toy dinosaurs when we were younger and now we have all grown up into adult collectors and we demand higher quality collectibles. I for one am happy that these lines exist and that creators and artists have Kickstarter and other crowdfunding options available to them to make their dreams a reality. With just over a week to go (9 days) there’s plenty of time for you to help make the most of this successful project!




Photos curtesy of DFAT’s friend Michael Wilkins!

A few words from the creator:

Once again, we are in a position to help improve the dinosaur collectibles industry, as well as your personal collections, by continuing the Beasts of the Mesozoic line in a much bigger way. Thanks to all of you, The Raptor Series has allowed me to make this exciting new series a possibility as all of the profits earned from the raptor figure sales have been put directly toward the development of these amazing Ceratopsian prototypes and wonderful package art. I’m excited and grateful to have been able to present you all with so much more than before! We have the momentum now, and this has become so much bigger than just a crazy side-project being developed in my apartment. I’ve seen how much people love the Raptor Series with all their amazing photos and inspiring fan art on social media, and I’ve been truly moved by the response. This campaign is the next big step toward the dinosaur toy experience that we’ve all wanted since childhood. I have the skills, experience, and drive to make this happen, but producing action figures very expensive and that’s where you all come in. I’m asking that you please show your support once again and help make these new additions a reality.