Frank Cho is a visionary artist that pretty much makes every female character he’s ever drawn, something of pure beauty. One of those reasons is that he draws them as if they are REAL and not super stylized. In the comic realm, obviously that’s something we’re used to seeing and nothing wrong with that at all; but Cho is a breath of fresh air. He’s taken his talents to Dynamite to take on the character of Red Sonja for their latest Kickstarter. Learn more about it below.

“When Dynamite asked me to draw the Red Sonja cover, I jumped at the chance. Who doesn’t love a redhead with a sword?” said Frank Cho. “The cover will show Red Sonja at her best – power and beauty. My goal is to make her look strong, classic, timeless and iconic.”

Cho’s cover is available in three versions. First is the standard edition with logo and full glorious color by frequent collaborator and miraculous artist in her own right, Sabine Rich. For those looking for a cleaner look, a “virgin” edition sans logo is an option. And to really marvel at Cho’s impressive linework and the impeccable details that have defined the latest stage in his career, a black and white version is available. Covers can be signed by Frank Cho and bundle options for all three are included in the campaign.

For the Frank Cho super fans, three additional rewards are available separately or as a package with the comics. An 18 by 24 inches high-quality lithograph print is the perfect way to display the piece in a larger format. Exclusive challenge coins are engraved with the bust of Cho’s Sonja, with an engraved signature on the other side. These coins are available as bonuses in select tiers too. Frank will also be doing something he’s rarely done before, a limited number of – just 10! – blank sketch covers featuring Sonja’s head and torso in pen and ink. This is a rare chance for comic art fans to own a truly one-of-a-kind masterwork.\

In this complicated time with the traditional comic book industry shut down due to the pandemic, this is one way to keep creators in touch with fans with these limited edition comics that would not typically be available in stores. The book is already done and ready to be printed. Any money raised above and beyond those costs also goes to Frank, as well as helping to keep Dynamite running during this difficult financial time. And bringing entertainment to fans and them to the table to celebrate great comics and artists.

Frank Cho is known for his creations of Liberty Meadows, Skybourne, Fight Girls, and more. In addition to fan-favorite art on series like Wolverine, Hulk, Avengers, and Shanna the She-Devil. And countless iconic covers for major publishers including Dynamite, Marvel, and DC. He’s worked with Dynamite previously on Jungle Girl and many covers featuring Red Sonja, Vampirella and more top characters.

Frank Cho’s Beautiful Red Sonja is Available Here!