As many of you have been following the DFAT Comics journey, you know that we took to Kickstarter to launch our first comic, Hollowed. It was successfully funded thanks to fans like you and we’re always happy to showcase off the indie guys trying to make their way in the comics realm. One such comic is Skies Over Superior which is currently looking to make it’s goal over at Kickstarter. Read more about it below and help out independence!

Opal Puckett‘s Jonathan Pardo and RickoLus are each contributing songs to the monster-adventure comic book Skies Over Superior by writer Josh Dahl and artist Laura Bearl.

The story stars Merile Fite, a young woman who discovers, to her horror, that mythical Frost Giants are emerging from Lake Superior to destroy mankind. Only Merilee can stop the invasion by joining with her estranged uncle to unravel mysteries hidden within the folk music of the region.

The series will be 5, full-color, issues, which will then be collected into a graphic-novel style edition. There’s a link to a copy you can read at the end of this email.
Though the story is (almost) entirely fictional, it is inspired by Dahl’s childhood visits to his grandparent’s home in Mohawk, Michigan, and stories from his father’s childhood there.

Music plays an important role in the series. For Merilee, folk music is a way to connect with her late father, and a source for clues about the threats looming in her future. Wanting this aspect to be as authentic as possible, the creative team reached out to musicians to fill in the gaps.
Recording artists RickoLus and Opal Puckett’s Jonathan Pardo provided far more than just insight into the song writing process.They wrote and recorded original song specifically for this project. Some of the songs will appear in the story being heard or performed by the characters themselves, while others will act as mood-setting theme music. All of the songs will eventually be available on the web, but will initially be offered as rewards on the project’s Kickstarter campaign.